Olivia Wilde, actress and model, was spotted in the front row of the Ralph Lauren Spring 2012 event, one of the many stars who've been jetting between film festivals and New York's Fashion Week as the Autumn season gets into full swing.

The Stylelist reported that the 27 year-old was at Fashion Week for just the one show, and was seen wearing a Ralph Lauren black key-hole top and trousers, accessorising with red lacquer heels, drop earrings and a green lizard deco clutch. She told The Washington Post that she'd endured a busy few days, flying from Kenya to Toronto Film Festival where she was promoting her new film 'Butter,' and then from there to New York, where the Ralph Lauren show took place on Thursday (15/9.)

Wilde - who made a breakthrough back in 2003 playing the brief lesbian love interest of Mischa Barton'S character Marissa Cooper - has gone on to model and star in several films, the latest of which sees her star alongside Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Garner among others.

Perhaps her most famous outing however remains in 'Tron: Legacy' where she played Quorra, apprentice of Jeff Bridges' main character Kevin Flynn. With a slew of public appearances already in the bag over the past month, it's clear that Wilde has serious plans to continue heightening her profile.