Pregnant actress Olivia Wilde has teamed up with designers at U.S. retailer Anthroplogie to help raise funds for girls at the New Light India school.

The Tron: Legacy star and her Conscious Commerce partner Barbara Burchfield are collaborating with Anthropologie designer Yoana Baraschi to redesign a top-selling dress - and the proceeds from sales will benefit the students at the school.

Wilde says, ''We're so excited because, from this point on, we'll be coming to Anthropologie and combine this dress collaboration, with proceeds going to this wonderful girls' school in Calcutta that provides an alternative for young women who would otherwise be entering into the commercial sex trade. So we're so proud..."

Baraschi tells People magazine, ''Our common interests are in supporting women in their pursuit to build their own businesses and create products that have a positive purpose. From there we decided to come together and create this special dress.''