Olivia Wilde found it "crazy" shooting a nude scene in 'Cowboys & Aliens'.

The 27-year-old actress revealed she thought it was "kind of strange" being half-naked in front of 'James Bond' actor Daniel Craig, as well as cowboys and Apache warriors in the movie, which also sees her star alongside Harrison Ford.

She told MTV News: "It was kind of strange because I was half-naked in front of a bunch of people, including the crew, a bunch of Apache warriors, a bunch of cowboys, and Daniel Craig, who I had to stand in front of basically naked.

"He had to take a moment to sort of look me up and down before covering me in a blanket. And I was like, this is crazy."

Despite feeling a bit out of the ordinary doing the scene, Olivia explained it was "really exciting" and a "spectacular" part of the movie.

She added: "It was really exciting because we knew we were creating something kind of spectacular in that scene. It was a really cool effect happening, as people will see."