Actress Olivia Wilde raced Cowboys & Aliens co-star Harrison Ford to the set of the movie in New Mexico - to see if she could get there in her car before he arrived in his helicopter.
Ford has a clause in his contract that allows him to pilot in to movie sets in his chopper - and Wilde loved the challenge of trying to get to work before the veteran action man.
She says, "I'd be in my car and I'd see him and be like, 'Come on, I can do it!'
"You'd see him coming across the skyline. He usually won."
Ford may have been great in the air, but Wilde insists he's not the greatest driver on the ground.
She adds, "He can fly a helicopter but he can't drive a golf cart. We had a little incident... during our junket in Montana... We were driving the golf cart... and Harrison was driving; you let him drive because if he drives the Millennium Falcon (as Han Solo in Star Wars), he can probably drive a golf cart - or not, because we flew into a tree... and totalled the golf cart and went flying."