Olivia Wilde likes ''having a real partner''.

The 29-year-old actress is engaged to comedian-and-actor Jason Sudeikis - who she's been dating since November 2011 - and she has praised her fiancé for being a wonderful man and providing her with ''infinite possibilities''.

She told InStyle magazine: ''I like having a real partner. It's the model I grew up with. It's part of why I was able to take so many chances in my life, because I felt like someone was watching my back.

''I could never imagine life without someone I respect, someone who offers me infinite possibilities.''

Olivia - who married Italian filmaker Tao Ruspoli in June 2003 but split from him in February 2011 citing ''irreconcilable differences'' in divorce papers - has had her share of ups and downs but is excited about what the future holds for her and Jason.

She added: ''There are spikes and dips and plateaus in this business. I've seen couples fall apart through it, and it is heartbreaking. You wonder what will happen - will he love me if I'm not as successful? Will jealousy kill us?

''I know there will be times when Jason is working more than I am, but I'm actually excited by that. I'm excited by what he will become, what depth he has.''