Olivia Wilde has created a bag for Alternative Apparel.

The 28-year-old actress came up with the idea to design a limited edition Message bag that can benefit the Academy for Peace and Justice - a secondary school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - while on location in the country with her friend Barbara Burchfield.

She told PEOPLE: ''We really wanted to come up with a creative, alternative way of fundraising.

''One thing we always had with us were bags we could take anywhere - on a pickup truck, to a hospital, sleeping in a tent. It would have a scarf, bug spray, a camera, malaria pills - and we wanted to recreate it with Alternative.''

Olivia - who was voted Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA in 2010 - is hoping to convince people to purchase the bag, which is available for $138, because it will be beneficial to the school and it can also be worn as a backpack or cross-body.

She added: ''We're encouraging people to think about where they spend their money. We're not telling people not to shop, but rather be conscious about your commerce.

''Not only does [Alternative] use sustainable materials, but they're a good company of good people. They have values that are parallel with ours.''