Olivia Wilde changed her beauty products when she was pregnant with her children.

The 33-year-old 'House' actress has two kids - Otis, three, and 12-month-old Daisy - with husband and fellow actor Jason Sudeikis, but once she was responsible for another person Olivia became ''conscious'' of what she was putting onto and into her body.

Speaking to IntoTheGloss.com, she said: ''Since having kids, my relationship to health and beauty has become much more thoughtful.

''I used to slather anything on my skin and not care what it was made out of. I've always loved the decadence of beauty products, but at the point when I first started having children - when I was suddenly responsible for another living being - I became conscious of what I was putting on and in my body. I wish we would be more conscious when it's just for ourselves.''

Recently, Olivia threw a party to celebrate her daughter's first birthday, and has now said the event allowed the tot to ''recognise her specialness'', which is a feeling Olivia wants Daisy to feel ''as much as possible''.

She said: ''We had a party. There was music, there was dancing, and it's wonderful to see when your child is old enough to recognise their special-ness. To give them a special day allows them to feel extraordinary, which they are, and I want her to feel that way as much as possible.''

The 'Drinking Buddies' actress is constantly ''astonished'' by her daughter, and says she wants to make sure she grows up with a ''strong foundation'' to tackle anything life throws at her.

Meanwhile, the 'Tron: Legacy' star recently revealed her son Otis is taking a while to warm up to his baby sister, and has been acting like a ''drill sergeant'' by putting her through a baby ''boot camp''.