Olivia Wilde and Jeff Bridges braved the cold for the UK premiere of 'Tron: Legacy' last night (05.12.10).

The two stars walked the blue carpet at London's Empire Leicester Square for the 3D movie sequel, though 61-year-old Jeff - who reprises his role as video game developer Kevin Flynn after starring in the 1982 original 'Tron' - admitted he had doubted whether it was a good idea to sign up to the second film.

He said: "I had a little bit of hesitation. They assured me it wasn't just beautiful eye candy and it would be a good story.

"They came up with one and I am thrilled with it. It's wonderful. I had heard the rumours for so long. It's a real ride."

Joining 'House' actress Olivia - who plays warrior Quorra in the 3D remastering of the movie - Jeff also appears alongside Bruce Boxleitner, who appeared as his Alter Ego's colleague Alan Bradley in 'Tron'.

Director Joseph Kosinski explained he felt it important to feature original members of the cast in the new film to provide a "connection" to the 1982 classic.

He said: "It was really important to have a connection to the original film. Jeff Bridges, you know, is one of the best actors working today."

Also in attendance at the premiere were singer Alison Goldfrapp - who stunned crowds in a futuristic full-body white leotard - and 'Glee' stars Kevin McHale, Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz.