Olivia Wilde pencils in her eyebrows.

The 29-year-old star thinks eyebrows can change the look of your face and since she's inherited ''crazy pointy'' brows she tends to pencil them in, a skill she has fine tuned over the years.

She explained: ''It's easier for me than a powder. I'm so fast with a pencil now too. My eyebrows are so warped from years of abuse that I brush them to the side and then I pencil in the rest.

''If I brush them up they look like crazy, pointy, devil horns. Everyone in my family has crazy pointy eyebrows. So I try to soften them and take them down a notch.''

Olivia is ''obsessed'' with shaping her eyebrows and after spending years trying to imitate supermodel Kate Moss' eyebrows she finally decided ''wispy thin'' brows don't suit her.

The 'Rush' actress told PEOPLE magazine: ''It changes your face so much when you have your eyebrows filled in and softened.

''I spent years trying to look like Kate Moss with wispy thin eyebrows, which was a horrible mistake and everyone told me not to do it. So now I'm obsessed.''