Olivia Palermo was a tomboy at school.

The Fashion designer - who rose to fame on MTV show 'The City' - did not initially plan to work in the clothing industry but did so after an accident during a came of Lacrosse caused her to re-evaluate her career path.

She said: ''I was a tomboy. Very preppy, sporty. I played Lacrosse, was on the ice-hockey team, I rode every day. But after that injury ... I remember my coach saying, 'Everything happens for a reason, Olivia.'

''Things obviously do happen for a reason. That's when I moved to Paris.''

Now, the 26-year-old beauty is grateful for what she has achieved and loves it when fans come up to her in the street to talk.

She told InStyle magazine: ''Every day, I count my blessings. When I see a cute girl on the street who's a fan and she's excited, it makes me so happy, because I see the effect that I have on her. And that just makes me love my job that much more.''