Olivia Palermo wants to create an evening wear line.

The reality TV star-turned-model - who is often voted one of the world's most stylish females - is keen to create her own fashion collection and already knows which area of the market she wants to branch out into.

She said: ''Designing is definitely something I'm looking in to. I want to build my company the proper way, over time.

''Once I settle down and create a line, it will most likely be evening wear.''

Olivia is known for her own sense of style, which she says is inspired by her travels and old movies.

She explained to LOOK magazine: ''I travel so much and get inspiration from all the different cultures.

''So whether I'm in Paris, Tokyo or London, I incorporate the overall sense of style from each city. I also get tons of inspiration from old classic movies and black and white films. It you open up Vogue Italia, there are endless pages of inspiration.''