Olivia Palermo struggles to pack for her holidays.

The 27-year-old model admitted she fills two suitcases as well as hand luggage whenever she visits Greece - and even then only just manages to fit everything in.

She told Vogue magazine: ''A two-week vacation on a yacht in Greece is never the easiest of trips to pack for.

''Activities range from swimming, to rambling around ruins so being sartorially prepared for every eventuality is paramount.

''And yet, my luggage is limited. I take my two Rimowa suitcases and a Chloe carry-on - and fill them all to the brim.''

The self-confessed ''accessories obsessive'' insists she tries to stick to the basics when packing, but can't resist being over-prepared when it comes to her beloved shades.

She said: ''For the most part I like to keep things simple, but I admit I'm an accessories obsessive. I packed ten pairs of sunglasses with me for this trip. I like options!''

For Olivia, over-indulging with accessories is a conscious decision to get ''extra style mileage'' out of her outfits by making subtle changes to make it easy to re-use dresses.

She added: ''Regardless of where I'm heading, there are some clothes that come with me on every summer holiday, every year - like my favourite white ruffled dress by D&G.

''It's perfect for day or night, and it's super comfortable. I never want to wear anything restrictive on holiday - it's vacation.

''Switching sunglasses, belts or jewellery (Megan Park necklaces are a favourite) is a clever way of getting extra style mileage out of a dress - a new accessory can make something you've already worn look new again.''