Olivia Palermo uses her winter coats to hide her "unfortunate" outfits.

The socialite and reality TV star likes the colder seasons because they give an opportunity to get out of potentially embarrassing fashion situations by hiding her scruffy clothes underneath the winter wear.

She explained: "During the long New York winter, a person's coat is the only indicator one can give to passerby as to their true fashion personality. In some ways, this is a Beautiful Thing.

"Running into one's ex, for Example, during the summer, wearing a ratty t-shirt and ancient jeans, makes you want to never leave the house again.

"During the winter, your fabulous coat is hiding the same unfortunate outfit, making you look fabulous - and 'so' over him!"

Because of how essential she feels the purchase of a coat is, it often leads Olivia to buy a few different ones.

She added: "The coat becomes the most important purchase of the season, often demanding the purchase of more than one."

Before the winter sets in, however, Olivia is looking forward to a bright autumn full of sexy reds.

She wrote on her blog: "For many, red is a bold colour reserved only for those with a personality to match. I often associate red with Jessica Rabbit's memorable entrance in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' but no longer should the show-stopping hue be reserved for the Rabbit-esque evening dress.

"Arguably THE big colour for fall, we're seeing red in everything from denim to leather, and in every shade from maroon to crimson. In a pant, it can be as electric or muted as you like, making picking just one way to wear the trend Mission Impossible.(sic)"