Olivia Palermo adds a feminine touch to wearing trousers by teaming them with hats.

The socialite and reality TV star admits it can be a bit too cold to wear a dress during the winter and trousers can look too "masculine", but she finds headgear to be a useful addition to maintain a womanly look.

She said: "During the holidays it gets so cold, and you don't always want to go out and be freezing in a dress.

"So I really tried to focus on how to wear pants. Obviously it's masculine, but add a feminine touch with accessories, and really go to the next level with some hats."

The 25-year-old brunette has a "Topshop obsession" and thinks the high street is a perfect place to grab a bargain because it enables shoppers to look "fashionable on a budget".

She added to People: "It's about catching your eye. I think the wonderful thing about High Street especially is that you can look fashionable on a budget - there's something for everyone. You can incorporate basics into your own wardrobe without breaking the bank."

As well as keeping her warm during the cold seasons, Olivia also finds winter coats useful to hide any "unfortunate" outfits she may be wearing underneath.

She explained: "During the long New York winter, a person's coat is the only indicator one can give to passerby as to their true fashion personality. In some ways, this is a Beautiful Thing.

"Running into one's ex, for Example, during the summer, wearing a ratty t-shirt and ancient jeans, makes you want to never leave the house again.

"During the winter, your fabulous coat is hiding the same unfortunate outfit, making you look fabulous - and 'so' over him!"