Olivia Palermo likes her Outfit to be ''pulled together'' when she leaves the house.

The 26-year-old designer claims she does not dress in case of paparazzi attention and is delighted if her clothes come together as getting dressed is a highlight of her day.

She said:'' I get up every morning and I get dressed and I like getting dressed.

''I like walking out of the house feeling fully pulled together. It doesn't matter if there's someone standing outside my apartment or not. I couldn't care less. I like getting dressed for me and not them.''

However, fashion is not her only reason to be and she likes to continue developing as a person, hoping she can learn some new languages.

She told InStyle magazine: ''Home will always be New York, but my boyfriend Johannes and I will at some point want to have an apartment in London. I would love to be fluent in French, in Germany, eventually work on some Italian. Japanese would be amazing.''