Olivia Palermo adapts her style to suit whatever city she is in.

The stunning TV star is often voted one of the world's most stylish women but says she doesn't Take That much time when preparing her outfits although does take into consideration where she is.

She said: "My best outfits are things that I have put together in two seconds. When I travel to certain cities, I know what their overall look is so I can adapt. For Example, in London I always know to take a leather jacket because things are more edgy. In Paris, having a blue and white striped shirt and a really elegant chiffon dress make one more at ease. Then in New York you are always a bit more polished because we are so work-driven - you just need to have that pulled-together look."

As well as adapting her style to whatever city she is in, Olivia is regarded as an 'It Girl' thanks to her TV show 'The City' and it's something she loves.

She said: "I love it! You want to see an eclectic group of people and fresh faces in fashion. It girls have always been there. Growing up on the Upper East Side, that's probably where I get it from, seeing all these older ladies who are just so elegant and polished. I love 50s and 60s glamour, to me that's the ideal of fashion. I just love that era and I look to it for inspiration, always. I think it's important to have that Hollywood glamour in our culture today because you can't just have pop culture."