Olivia Palermo doesn't like to break beauty rules.

The style icon has a very strict skincare regime and doesn't let herself deviate from it, claiming her only vice is her secret obsession with sun-kissed skin.

She said in an interview with Glamour.fr: ''I'm an avid rule follower, especially when it comes to beauty. I'm a good girl.

''But I do like to look tanned and have a little bit of colour. I know sun isn't good for your skin, but I don't over-expose myself either.

''It's probably the only allowance I give myself in my super strict routine.''

The 27-year-old socialite - who says it takes her 20 minutes to achieve her flawless complexion every morning - would never leave the house without make-up and says it's as crucial as choosing the perfect outfit.

Olivia explained: ''For me, make-up is very important. I wear it every day. It's as necessary as getting dressed. I see it as an accessory, the final touch to my look.

''I usually put all the emphasis on my eyes... I like to wear a nice matte lipstick with the lip contour perfectly traced. The important thing is to achieve a balanced look.''

Aside from make-up, Olivia swears by the power of a pair of a pair of killer heels, which she believes can make any woman look instantly beautiful.

Queried about what makes women look good, she replied: ''I think for a woman, what really makes us look beautiful is a magnificent pair of shoes.

''It works for everyone. It's a complete revelation!''