Olivia Palermo believes blazers have the ability to "pull any look together".

The socialite is a huge fashion fan and likes to experiment with her outfits to give her a unique style but knows she can always rely on the smart tailored jacket to complete her appearance.

She said: "I like taking pieces from different cultures and incorporating them into my own style.

"But a good blazer has the power to pull any look together."

The 24-year-old beauty is currently starring in reality TV show 'The City' and once that finishes, she would like to do more fashion work, including having her own clothing line.

She told Britain's Vogue magazine: "I have another year left on 'The City'. Then I'd love my next project to be more fashion-orientated. I'd like a docu-series. I have ideas - we'll see.

"I also want to design, sometime in the future. But for that, timing is everything, and I need to find the proper people to work with."