A private investigator hired by a US TV news show to uncover details about the disappearance of Olivia Newton-John's boyfriend has uncovered vital evidence - a visor the missing man was wearing when he was last seen. Producers at showbusiness news show EXTRA commissioned Hollywood private eye JOHN NAZARIAN to go to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and look for clues as to missing Patrick McDermott's whereabouts. MCDermott, who disappeared a year ago (JUN05), has hit the headlines recently after locals in Cabo San Lucas claimed they had spotted him. And Nazarian is thrilled he has been able to hand over vital evidence to the authorities. Now back in Los Angeles, the detective says, "It's the only potential evidence that Mr MCDermott is alive and well and even exists... This could be the smoking gun that breaks this case wide open." Nazarian believes MCDermott travelled to Mexico after allegedly disappearing because "it's easy to get lost down there if you really want to get lost... If he's here we'll find him." The private investigator reveals he struck gold on his search for MCDermott when the owner of a bar called The Sandbar told him he'd spotted the missing man, recognising him from a missing person poster. The authorities will test the visor for DNA to establish whether or not it did belong to MCDermott - and whether or not he is still alive. Reporters close to the story claim MCDermott may have fled to Mexico to escape mounting debts and unpaid child support. In an interview on Australian TV earlier this week (beg12JUN06), Newton-John revealed she didn't believe reports that MCDermott had been spotted in Mexico. Family and friends of the businessman believe he vanished while on a fishing trip on the night of 30 June (05), fearing he fell overboard and drowned.