Australian singer and actress Olivia Newton-John is hopping mad after learning about the cruel and cramped conditions circus kangaroos are kept in America.

The XANADU star has written a furious letter on behalf of animal activists PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS to Las Vegas, Nevada, authorities calling on them to ban UNIVERSOUL (corr) CIRCUS ringleaders from using kangaroos in their act when they perform in the city over the weekend.

She writes, "We respectfully request that you follow the lead of California authorities and prohibit the circus from featuring its kangaroo boxing routine for several reasons, including because Nevada law makes animal fight unlawful.

"I find it appalling that tethered kangaroos are taunted into defending themselves as an oddity for a UniverSoul Circus act."

As part of its show, UniverSoul presents a boxing match in which a kangaroo is forced to protect himself against two circus employees.

21/11/2003 09:27