LATEST: Olivia Newton-John's missing boyfriend Patrick McDermott has reportedly been spotted "alive and well" in Mexico. MCDermott is suspected of faking his death during a fishing trip last year (05) in a bid to escape mounting debts and possible jail time over large amounts of unpaid child support. According to Australia's Sydney Daily Telegraph, three separate witness claim to have seen MCDermott on Mexico's remote Baja Peninsula as recently as 10 days ago. The sightings come as a grand jury prepares to investigate his disappearance from a fishing boat on 30 June (05). It was reported that 48-year-old MCDermott had fallen overboard, but doubts were raised when it was revealed his $10 (GBP6) food and drink tab was paid just an hour before the boat arrived in port. A galley chef on the boat is now the key witness for investigators and a Mexican bar owner and a San Diego businessman have also come forward claiming they have seen MCDermott. Sources tell the newspaper they believe MCDermott may have left the fishing boat when it docked for fuel a short time before returning to its berth. Newton-John and MCDermott dated for nine years before his disappearance.