Olivia Newton-John is using her music as therapy, as she awaits word on the whereabouts of her missing partner Patrick McDermott.

The American cameraman vanished during an overnight fishing expedition off California's San Pedro coastline between 30 June (05) and 1 July (05). Although the boat and all its crew returned to land, all that remained of McDermott was his personal possessions, including a fishing rod.

And while Newton-John, who recently released her new album STRONGER THAN BEFORE, refuses to go into detail about the ongoing investigation, she does say, "As you can imagine, it's really a very, very difficult thing to go through.

"It's hard to talk about and I've chosen not to because it is painful and because there's a young son involved and a lot of speculation. But we know nothing, and it's still under investigation.

"It's very shocking because in the beginning I was just kind of frozen. Then you have to move forward a little bit and it's one of the reasons that I decided to sing again. I didn't think I was going to sing again, but I had to move forward - particularly after recording this album, which is all about going through difficulty and coming out the other end. I had to walk the walk."