Olivia Newton-John turned to anti-depressants to help her cope after the disappearance of long-time boyfriend Patrick McDermott last year (05). MCDermott went missing during a fishing trip in California in July 2005 under mysterious circumstances. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen MCDermott in Mexico, while other rumours say he staged his disappearance to escape large debts. The GREASE star rubbishes the reports and insists MCDermott would never have faked his death because of the pain it would cause his family and loved ones. She tells American publication People, "I've been through cancer and divorce. Nothing compares to this." The singer realised she couldn't get through the ordeal without help and decided to take anti-depressants to help her deal with the pain. She adds, "I took antidepressants for six months. I had to." Newton-John insists that the healing only really began when she stopped taking the medication adding, "Once you go off them you can deal with it better. "It's important to go deeply into your emotions. You have to cry."