Cancer survivor Olivia Newton-John has accepted a $10 million (GBP4.1 million) Australian government grant on behalf of a new centre named in her honour at a Melbourne hospital. The famed singer and actor, who contributed $1.48 million (GBP822,000) of her own money to the project, insists patients need to have a positive outlook when fighting cancer. The planned $38 million (GBP21 million) Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre will feature a "wellness centre" for people to practise tai chi, yoga and receive massages or just chat with other patients. She explains, "Whatever spiritual belief you have, the mind has a very important role in healing. "So if it is meditation, if it is prayer, if it is chanting - whatever you believe - as long as it is something you feel strongly about that can help you in a positive spirit." The GREASE star said about half of the $38 million needed for the centre has been raised so far and she hoped building work would begin on the new project in 2008.