Olivia Newton-John was so devastated when her boyfriend went missing in June (05) she considered scrapping the release of her new album STRONGER THAN BEFORE, because she couldn't bear to face the press and talk about the tragic news.

The Aussie singer scrapped promotional appearances on TV shows in America in August and September (05), but is now determined to talk about Patrick McDermott, despite the fact he is still missing.

She explains, "I really thought of not doing it (promotion), but the album is about going through difficulty and getting through it. So, it's almost like walking the walk for me.

"I also know that Patrick would want me to do it because he believed in the cause and following through with your commitments.

"He was a very hard-working, committed person, so I made the decision to do it."

But the GREASE star admits she's struggling with questions about McDermott, and sobbed through TV interviews in America yesterday (10OCT05): "I go back and forth and I can't talk about it. It's still under investigation. Speculation is really a dangerous thing, and I'd rather just leave it at that.

"It's really, really painful for me, and really, really personal."