Pop singer Olivia Newton-John is haunted by the fact she had just split with longtime boyfriend Patrick McDermott before his mysterious disappearance. The pair had dated for eight years when MCDermott vanished while on a fishing trip in California in July 2005. She tells American publication People, "We were on a break, but we had been on breaks before and we got back together." Newton-John's suffering has been all the more agonising because of the continuing mystery surrounding MCDermott's disappearance. Australian newspapers claimed to have found eyewitness who saw MCDermott in Mexico, while other reports speculated he had faked his death to escape large debts. Newton-John claims she was shocked when she found out how much MCDermott owed when he disappeared, saying, "He had a lot of pride, so I didn't know the extent of it." She adds, "I don't know what happened; that's probably the hardest. I go through every emotion (when rumours surface). "It just stirs it up again. It creates that 'What if?' and I don't know each time."