Olivia Munn once ruined her families Thanksgiving dinner because she didn't know she had to defrost her turkey.

The 38-year-old actress is a whizz kid in the kitchen these days, but has admitted she didn't always used to be a good cook, as she once suffered a kitchen nightmare during the popular American holiday when she put her turkey in the oven when it was still frozen.

She said: ''The first time I ever made a Thanksgiving turkey, I didn't know it took a whole day to thaw, so I put the frozen turkey in the oven just four hours before dinner. Long story short, I had to run to the store and buy like 10 rotisserie chickens. But all the sides were on point, so it wasn't a total disaster.''

The 'Six' actress has learned from her mistakes though, as she now fixes up her own meals, including curries and super healthy salads.

Speaking to E! News about her eating habits, Olivia confessed that for breakfast, she chows down on: ''Avocado with hemp seeds, kosher salt and lemon. I cut it in half and sprinkle it all in there and eat with a spoon,'' before moving on to ''Apples and Peanut Butter'' for a late morning snack.

Her lunch consists of ''white rice, yellow curry with vegetables. And I'll eat a pickle whenever I can with a meal, so I'll probably eat one at lunch,'' whilst her late afternoon snack is usually ''Grapes, watermelons, bananas and peanut butter.''

Olivia then rounds off her day with dinner, which she listed as ''Salad with vegetables and quinoa.''

It's not always plain sailing for the 'Predator' actress when it comes to food now though, as she recently revealed that after returning home from Vancouver where she had been filming the new movie, she had contracted food poisoning.

She wrote on Twitter in March: ''Back home (green tick emoji). Food poisoning (two green tick emojis).''