Olivia Munn says people think she is stupid because she is beautiful.

The 'Newsroom' star - who is dating Joel Kinnaman - is annoyed that people judge her on her looks and believe she isn't intelligent.

She told Flare magazine's July issue: ''There's apparently no way that I can embrace my sexuality, be on the cover of a men's magazine, and also be thoughtful and smart, and know what the Pythagorean theorem is. If you don't like that I'm being sexual, or letting myself be objectified, then you better not own a push-up bra and wear it outside of the house. Me being on 'The Daily Show' angered something in people-they thought, 'Okay, she's on the cover of Maxim,' or 'She's in the Hot 100,' but now that it's an Emmy-award-winning comedy show, 'No, no, no, wait, that's reserved for people like me.' ''

Olivia, 32, who admitted she and her boyfriend are ''big homebodies!'' who prefer to avoid Hollywood parties, also revealed she was told she wasn't pretty enough when she was younger.

She said: ''I grew up my whole life being told, 'You're not good enough, you're not smart enough, you're not pretty enough.' It does affect you. It made me more antisocial probably, and not able to trust people as much. But I kind of knew, this sucks, but I'm a kid and can't go anywhere, so hold on.''