Olivia Munn has penned a thank you letter to her boyfriend Aaron Rodgers and the fans of the Green Bay Packers.

The 36-year-old actress has been dating the American football star since 2014 and after the Packers' heartbreaking loss against the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game denied the team a shot at the Super Bowl, Olivia decided to pen a handwritten note of support.

In the letter, which Olivia has posted on her Instagram account, the Hollywood star said: ''So proud of this team. They faced a lot of adversity on and off the field, but battled to get this far.

''Thank you to those of you who encouraged and supported them by choosing to put out only positive energy. It helped them get this far.''

The brunette beauty added two hearts with the team's colours - yellow and green - at the bottom of the note.

Although Olivia did not elaborate on the adversity the team has faced over recent weeks, she may have been talking about the rift that has developed between Aaron and his father.

Ed Rodgers claimed in an interview last week that his son has been affected by the celebrity lifestyle he now enjoys.

He said: ''Fame can change things. It's complicated ... we're all hoping for the best.''

Meanwhile, a source recently suggested Olivia was the reason for the high-profile feud, claiming the family don't trust the 'Office Christmas Party' actress.

The insider explained: ''Aaron is the one that has pulled away from the family, not the reverse.

''When he got together with Olivia Munn, his family told him they didn't trust her and thought she wasn't with him for the right reasons. That made him furious, and he ended up choosing Olivia over his family.''