Olivia Munn dislocated her shoulder falling from an indoor swing.

The 33-year-old actress' accident happened when she was in Europe for a month relaxing while her boyfriend Joel Kinnaman was shooting a movie in Prague in the Czech Republic.

Olivia admits it was her fault for trying to go as high as she could.

She revealed: ''We were in Prague and there was this indoor swing inside of the apartment. I thought it would be really cool to try to get parallel to the second floor and so I was swinging and my brother, an engineer, he was pushing me. He even said to me afterwards, 'You know, I thought to myself she's going to fall on this push or the next.' ''Because he saw that it got slack at the top. I had been doing this for weeks and I had been fine. I called out to my boyfriend, 'Video tape this, look how high I am getting.' And then on the second push I was squealing with glee. Then it just snapped.''

Olivia dislocated her shoulder, bruised the entire right side of her body and was left with bad whiplash.

The 'Tron: Legacy' star accepts she's a clumsy person and sometimes thinks she should stay at home for her own good.

She said: ''I shouldn't be allowed in public most times. I do the stupidest things and sometimes even people around me are like, 'It's good that we just keep you inside.' ''