Movie legends Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn were the real life romance that never was - because neither knew the other was smitten. De Havilland, who turns 90 next month (JUL06), has revealed for the first time that she was in love with Flynn, with whom she starred in eight films, but never plucked up the courage to tell him. Then, she misinterpreted Flynn's feelings for her in his autobiography and wrongly came to the conclusion that the swashbuckling star had no feelings for her. She says, "When his autobiography came out I couldn't resist checking the index page and going to the page where he mentioned me. "He said he thought he loved me. Thought! That meant he didn't. I didn't read another word. "Then several years ago when I was returning for the release of the DVD version of Gone With The Wind, I was determined to read more. "I began with his second sentence about me, in which he said that he decided that he did love me. To think of all those years I didn't believe he did." De Havilland confesses that her former on-screen lover is never far from her thoughts: "I think of Errol all the time... He did mean a great deal to me."