Movie legend Olivia de Havilland has created a new silver screen myth - she made Gone With The Wind co-star Clark Gable cry.

The actress, who is the only living member of the Gone With The Wind cast, insisted that Gable, as RHETT BUTLER, should shed a tear when his lover, SCARLETT O'HARA, suffers a miscarriage.

She says, "He didn't want to (cry). He thought it was unmanly, you see. That was the training of men in those days, and it's such pity that they had to suppress those feelings.

"VICTOR (director Victor Fleming) tried everything with him. He tried to attack him on a professional level. We had done it without him weeping several times and then we had one last try.

"I said, 'You can do it, I know you can do it and you will be wonderful...' Well, by heaven, just before the cameras rolled, you could see the tears come up at his eyes and he played the scene unforgettably well. He put his whole heart into it."

02/12/2004 03:42