Olivia Culpo uses a credit card to achieve the perfect cat eye.

The 25-year-old model has admitted she uses a card or anything with a sharp edge, whether that is a hotel room key or business card, to help her achieve sleek eyeliner, and the star has revealed make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury passed on this trick to her.

Speaking about her beauty hacks at Revolve's beauty demonstration, which was shared on the brand's Instagram account in a live story, she said: ''So next I'm going to show you guys how I get a cat eye. For the cat eye I have a really interesting trick, which involves a credit card. You can use your hotel room key, your business card or anything with a sharp edge.

''For the cat eye, this is really important to me, for me personally it's all about balance.''

But before Olivia applies the eyeliner she applies a sweep of nude eyeshadow to her eyelid as a base to then apply the item on top to help it stay.

She explained: ''And I don't like to do any shine or shimmer

''I really want it to be about the flick of the eye.

''BECCA eyeshadow for a base.''

And when Olivia starts her eyeliner she will dab a dot of the liner on the corner of her eyelid where she wants her line to stop.

She said: ''So next I'm going to go for it. A liquid eyeliner can be scary. This is my secret to getting eyeliner, which my friend Charlotte Tilbury taught me.

''You do a dot where you want the line to go and then you just match the dot to the other side. Don't mess up. If you do mess up it's fine.

''Start with the dot so then you take the credit card to the edge of the eye and you trace to the end of the dot to get your perfect line.

''These edges are the hardest part, so now I am going to go in at the top of the eye at the lash line, but I drag the eye and I just trace the lash line.

''Then basically just keep working to make it as even as possible.

''You want to go to wear the end of your eyebrows are, or should be, and that's where you want to take the credit card. You want it to be at an angle. It's really just personal preference.''

However, the catwalk icon has revealed she will avoid applying mascara to her eyelashes when she opts for this trend, but if she does apply the cosmetic product she will only add a sweep to the lashes on the corner of her, but not on the bottom.

The 'The Other Woman' actress said: ''That's the biggest secret with my cat eye you don't want to do bottom lash mascara.

''You want to create a look that is balance and do not do one that takes away from the other.

''You would rarely do a red lip with a cat eye.''