Olivia Culpo's fashion range with Pretty Little Thing was inspired by Italy and ''the colours of Rome''.

The 25-year-old model recently launched her new clothing line with the brand and the star has admitted the Pretty Little Thing x Olivia Culpo was ''Mediterranean-inspired'' and influenced by her visits to the European city, which has blooming flowers and fresh fruit filling the streets.

Speaking to InStyle about her latest venture, the brunette beauty said: ''I was really inspired by Italy and the colours of Rome in the spring and walking in any sort of city where the flowers are blooming and fresh fruit is abundant. And flower markets. [The collection] was very colourful, very Mediterranean-inspired.''

And the style icon believes her designs are ''classic and timeless and elegant'', but she ''always knew'' the 30-piece collection would be ''great''.

She explained: ''It's also classic and timeless and elegant, so it was a perfect collaboration in that way because it was fun and sexy but also timeless, which I think is really important.

''I knew it was going to be a great collaboration. Their clothes are so accessible for people of every single body type and age range. And they make everybody feel so sexy, because it's the nature of every single piece that they have.''

Olivia also believes a sleek of red lipstick can transform any outfit.

The 'The Other Woman' star said: ''For me, a red lip is iconic because of so many reasons: because of the people who have worn it and made it iconic in the past. It's because of the way that it pairs so well with classic colours, like black and white together. And I just feel like any outfit can be elevated and be made more iconic and more of a statement with a red lip. It definitely jazzes up a look in a very sophisticated way when done appropriately. I think that, for me, if the outfit lends itself to a more classic and timeless feel, a red lip just takes it to the next level.

''I think that it's a woman who isn't afraid to be bold and isn't afraid to stand out and wants to celebrate her own beauty, confidence, and uniqueness.''