Olivia Culpo has started ''juicing'' in a bid to be healthier.

The 25-year-old model and actress has altered her eating plan because she wants to live a healthier lifestyle, which has seen her make and drink nutritious juices ''every morning''.

The brunette beauty shared a photograph of her holding a bowl filled with fruit, whilst clutching at a green-coloured drink on her Instagram account.

She captioned the post: ''Trying to be healthy today and lately I've been really into juicing!! I try to have a juice every morning and the one I made today is one of my favorites... ----> 1 bunch kale,

1/2 lemon,

1 inch ginger,

1 cucumber,

1 red apple,

4 carrots (sic).''

The 'The Other Woman' star is constantly jetting off across the globe for various projects, and she has revealed she has five essential items, which include a deodorant, journal, coconut oil, sunglasses and a face mask, she will always take with her when she is travelling.

Alongside a previous post of her sitting on the floor beside suitcase, she wrote: ''Getting ready to ✈✈ here are a few of my essentials 1. @DegreeWomen UltraClear Black+White deo 2. Journal 3. Coconut oil 4. Sunnies 5. Face mask See you guys on the east coast! #saveyourstyle #degreepartner (sic).''

Meanwhile, the fashion muse has set herself five life goals for her ''quarter-century year of life'' and she is determined be a ''better friend'', to live ''more in the moment'', be more decisive, be a ''better listener'' and to give ''more gifts'' over the next 12 months.

Speaking previously, she said: ''Thank you all for the birfday wishes yesterday. I love you all so much!!! Some of my goals for my quarter- century year of life is to be a better friend, live more in the moment, stop asking for so many opinions and make more decisions for myself, give more gifts, and be a better listener. I'll let you know how it goes!!! 364 more days to go! Love you all (sic).''