Olivia Culpo has made a ''DIY lip scrub'' out of sugar and honey.

The 24-year-old actress and model created her own beauty products out of ingredients she found in her kitchen cupboard because her lips were ''so dry'' and in desperate need of revitalising, and the star has admitted her invention doesn't taste ''bad''.

Speaking in her Instagram Story, the brunette beauty said: ''My lips are so dry, so I'm making a DIY lip scrub.

''So I put in brown sugar, now I am going to add equal parts brown sugar and honey and I'm going to rub it together.''

The 'The Other Woman' star decided to clarify the steps she followed by adding comments on top of the video.

She wrote: ''ALL YOU NEED IS BROWN SUGAR AND HONEY - equal parts of each.

''Scrub really well for 30 seconds (sic).''

And Olivia - who represented Rhode Island when she was crowned Miss USA in a beauty pageant in 2012 - has admitted a lot of scrubbing on her lips as part of the process makes her look like an ''absolutely crazy person''.

She said: ''Oh my god, I'm scrubbing, scrubbing , scrubbing. Go crazy.''

And added the caption: ''And look like an absolutely crazy person (sic).''

However, the star revealed she doesn't keep the product on for long and wipes it off after one minute.

She said: ''Okay guys, this tastes not bad, it's brown sugar and honey. Now you are going to keep it on for one minute.''

Olivia captioned the final clip: ''Wipe off after one minute. All done (sic).''

Meanwhile, the Cranston-born star has revealed she considers beauty and fashion as ''art'' and a form of ''expression''.

Speaking previously, she explained: ''For me, beauty and clothing and hair is art. I really think of it as a creative form of expression that I'm lucky enough to do.''