Olivia Culpo used to feel ''pressured to dress to mould'' who she dated.

The 25-year-old actress has admitted she had to tame the outfits she wore to suit the person she was in a relationship with because she felt ''insecure'' if her lover didn't approve of her wardrobe choices.

The brunette beauty - who is currently dating New England Patriots sportsman Danny Amendola, told PEOPLE: ''I have dated people in the past that actually made me feel insecure about what I would wear. When I was younger in relationships I would feel pressure to dress to mould who I was with. [Now], if a guy doesn't think my outfit was cool or we weren't matching I wouldn't care. I am so over that.''

But the 'The Other Woman' star's style has since evolved as she has become ''more confident'' in experimenting with new trends.

She explained: ''[I have always had] a passion for expressing myself in fashion. [My style] has evolved, matured and become more confident in trying new trends and having more fun.''

And the style icon is not embarrassed to co-ordinate her outfit with her partner because she thinks people naturally ''gravitate'' towards their boyfriend or girlfriend's style preferences.

She said: ''I think it's so cute. The more time you spend with somebody, the more you gravitate toward their style anyway. I feel like couples morph into a unit and they work off of each other and get the same sense of style.''

Although Olivia will wear bold garments, she will not be as experimental with her beauty products as she prefers to have ''clean skin'' and will ''rarely'' wear mascara on her eye lashes.

Olivia said: ''My go-to beauty look is definitely clean skin, basically making sure there's no blemish showing and then a lip [colour] with curled eyelashes. No mascara, no eye makeup, maybe a little bit of highlight. But I rarely wear mascara actually because I like to focus more on the skin.''

And though Olivia prefers to go make-up free, she has perfected the ability to apply lipstick or lip liner to her pout without looking in the mirror.

She said: ''I don't know how I got this talent. It's so crazy. Even lining lips I don't need a mirror. Everybody I work with always makes fun of me all the time because I will just be in the elevator and I will just be doing lip liner, even if it is a red lip. I think I've just been doing it for so long and I love it so much, I am trained.''