Olivia Cooke couldn't believe how ''humble and kind'' Steven Spielberg was when they worked on 'Ready Player One' together.

The 24-year-old actress was shocked by how kind the legendary director was and admits it took her a few weeks to get used to the idea of working with him.

She said: ''What Steven is so great at doing is catching you off-guard, and being so humble, so kind and so generous with his time, that you don't necessarily feel like you're working with Steven Spielberg. It took a couple of weeks to get past that, but then after that, the novelty wore off, in the best way possible, where I was able to just work and forget that it's him and forget that he's been an idol of mine, since I was a child. I've seen nearly all his movies and I grew up watching him. I had to forget all of that, and then try to do some vulnerable acting stuff.''

And Cooke loves the ''energy'' Spielberg has.

She added: ''The energy that he has, the curiosity, and the zest and thirst for life and knowledge, I feel like I've never had that. I feel like, even though I'm a quarter of his age, I've never, ever been that full of beans, in the morning. It's just really inspiring. I wish I could be more like that.''

Cooke was desperate to impress Spielberg on her first day that she ended up not giving enough.

She told Collider: ''On the first day with Steven, we were doing motion capture, so I had my helmet on, which has four cameras and two lights, and I had all the dots above my face and I was in motion-capture gear. Mark Rylance was there, on the first day, as well, and we had a few scenes with him, and I was trying to do this really nuanced performance. I was really trying to impress, and he came up to me and was like, 'You're gonna have to be bigger because I can't see on the footage what you're doing with your face.' And I was like, 'Okay, I'll be bigger.'''