Oliver Stone is refusing to give up on his Alexander flop - he's planning a third release of the historical epic. The film, which starred Colin Farrell as the historic leader, was a critical and commercial failure in America when it was released last year (05). The movie fared better overseas, but still topped the list of flops for the year. But director Stone still feels passionate about the project, insisting Americans simply couldn't understand such a profound movie. He says, "The film was three years of my life and a lot of research, a lot of work, but I think that, as a movie experience, it was not up to the standards of what America wanted. "We're an excitement, sensation-ridden (society). We like movies that move and it was a more meditative movie; it was about death ultimately. "I think we had a handle into the real Alexander; several historians have told me this. I feel we were close to something. "I'm still not gonna give up; I'm gonna do a third version eventually - a director's cut." And Stone regrets his film put an end to Aussie director Baz Luhrmann's Alexander, which was to star Leonardo Dicaprio. He adds, "Baz is very talented and I would have liked to see his version, and I think Leo DiCaprio would be great in it too."