Oliver Stone has upset gay rights group the GAY + LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION over plans to remove controversial homosexual scenes from movie flop Alexander for the film's upcoming Director's Cut DVD release.

Stone hasn't fully announced why he's making the eight-minute cut, but GLAAD officials fear it's because he's bowing to pressure from groups who were upset by his suggestion that historical hero ALEXANDER THE GREAT was a bisexual.

The movie maker has conceded that he felt the cut was necessary to make the film "more accessible" to viewers.

GLAAD spokesman DAMON ROMINE (corr) says, "For someone known as a fearless, uncompromising filmmaker, Stone has really compromised his own artistic integrity.

"This is not a special edition director's cut, it's an abridgment designed to pander to the lowest common denominator.

"What could really boost the DVD's profile would be to further explore Alexander (Colin Farrell) and HEPHAISTION's (corr) (Jared Leto) relationship, not edit it out."

25/05/2005 21:37