Director Oliver Stone says that he does not believe his upcoming W , a biographical comedy about President Bush, will appeal to "that radical 15 percent [of moviegoers] that hate Bush or the 15-20 percent who love Bush. ... I'm interested in that 60 percent in the American middle who at least have a little more open mind." Acknowledging that people have already assumed that the movie will disparage the president, Stone told USA Today that he believes his movie "to be a fair and true portrait." He also acknowledges that he had trouble finding a U.S. studio willing to make it -- winding up with Canadian-based Lionsgate. "These people who dismissed this movie, who wouldn't give us the money to make it -- especially the American studios -- had this attitude that he's too hot a potato, and at the same time, he's going away in January, so 'who cares?' Who cares? I'll tell you what -- his policies are going to be still paying off 20 years from now. ... He's not gone, baby."