The current recession and scandals on Wall Street have had an unexpected consequence a decision by director Oliver Stone to revive plans to mount a sequel to his 1987 drama Wall Street . Stone had previously said in interviews that he had abandoned the project because he "couldn't come up with the right way to go about it." However, published reports said today (Wednesday) that Stone had changed his mind after seeing a rewrite of the sequel by Allan Loeb. The reports also indicated that Michael Douglas had agreed to reprise his role as Gordon Gekko and that Shia LaBeouf would play his assistant in the new movie, currently titled Wall Street 2 (after previously being titled Money Never Sleeps ). "We need to keep the story line under wraps, but it's literally ripped from today's headlines," 20th Century Fox spokesman Gregg Brilliant told the Associated Press. "It's going to be very big and very cool."