Director Oliver Stone promises his forthcoming film about the September 11 (01) terrorist attacks will be respectful to victims of the atrocities.

The PLATOON movie-maker is confident the NICOLAS CAGE starring movie will not offend survivors because he is not attempting to glamorise the incident which claimed thousands of lives.

Instead, he will focus on the accurate re-telling of just one story from the fateful day - the two policemen who were rescued from the rubble of the Twin Towers 22 hours after they collapsed.

Co-producer MICHAEL SHAMBERG says, "We're not doing the 'Towering Inferno-Titanic' version. We're not doing everyone's story that day.

"We're trusted with the accuracy of the particular story that we're telling."

Both Stone and Shamberg have consulted New York residents and families of the victims to ensure the project is handled sensitively.

Most of the film's scenes will be shot out in Los Angeles, and the movie will incorporate television footage of actual events.