Oliver Stone fears America will be "stuck" with GEORGE W. Bush's policies for 20 years after he stands down as president.
The director's biopic of Bush - simply titled W - is due to be released in November (08).
And he has hit out at studio bosses who refused to bankroll the project, insisting it is still relevant even though the president is coming to the end of his term in office.
Stone tells USA Today newspaper, "I think Bush is going to be accountable to history in a big way. These people who dismissed this movie, who wouldn't give us the money to make it - especially the American studios - had this attitude that he's too hot a potato and at the same time, he's going away in January, 'So who cares?'
"Who cares? I'll tell you what - his policies are going to be still paying off 20 years from now. (The younger) generation is stuck with his policies. To have this lighthearted attitude, this superficial attitude, that he's gone in January... He’s not gone, baby."