Oliver Stone has come under fire for travelling to Turkey to apologise for his movie MIDNIGHT EXPRESS - by the film's director SIR Alan Parker.

Hollywood film-maker Stone - who wrote the screenplay for the harrowing 1978 prison drama - told the media in Istanbul last Tuesday (14DEC04) he never intended the movie's violent scenes to offend Turks.

Stone won an OSCAR for his take on real-life events which saw young American BILLY HAYES sentenced to 30 years in jail after he was caught trying to smuggle hashish out of Istanbul's airport.

But Parker has dismissed Stone's sentiment as a publicity stunt - because he knows the controversial director would never feel compelled to defend the movie's brutal depiction of the Turkish prison guards.

He says, "Frankly, I find it highly unlikely that Oliver Stone was capable of apologising for anything. It sounds like a dopey 'local distributor' piece of nonsense if you ask me and not credible."

21/12/2004 13:56