Movie-maker Oliver Stone cast Colin Farrell as epic historical leader ALEXANDER THE GREAT after watching him interact with Al Pacino in THE RECRUIT.

The director admits he was amazed by the way the relative newcomer held his own with living movie legend Pacino and saw a greatness in him that Farrell was unaware of.

Stone says, "I think that he was born to play Alexander, I really do. I think that happens in life. I felt that with Tom Cruise in BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY, Charlie Sheen in Wall Street and Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in THE DOORS.

"I loved him (Farrell) and he was feisty and Irish but he was a skinny little runt from Dublin, and an Irish drinker and a talker, grabbing me all the time. I couldn't stand that.

"I liked him but I didn't see him as Alexander; he didn't have that dignity or that nobility. But then his agent was on my case and I saw MINORITY REPORT and he was amazing and he was amazing in The Recruit with Al Pacino.

"He worked with big actors, gave them their space and, at the same time, was himself. He was confident enough to be himself with Pacino. That gets a big vote in my book because most guys shrivel next to him."

14/11/2004 10:03