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to houtulax ,yes I do not go to all these websites and would not appreciate namecalling. I have become turned off on Hollywood though because they are just out of my realm of experience. I am an older New Yorker, and have a hard time separating actors from what they really represent and won't pay to watch them. But peace to you also and I will hope forever that Americans come together with respect and dialogue,not hatred. Thank you for your love of New York, it is great!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bronxmom

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Yo yo BRONXMOMMY,Where in the hell in my post did I disparage the Bronx? I love NYC, even the "lesser" boroughs. NYC is still the greatest city in the US, if not the world. I may have misquoted a couple of your eloquent words in trying to make the point that name-calling is rife among both the conservative and liberal bloggers, but it's what we call a "harmless error" as it substantively changed neither your point nor mine. If you really don't believe there's an epidemic of name-calling, you should check out a larger cross-section of political discourse on the Web--it's filled with "idiot", "liar", "traitor", "freak", "America-hater", etc. Peace be with you. And America...some day.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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"calling people names is something liberals always do when they can't articulate a real opinion?" Houty,Please learn to read. I did not say opinion, I said real solutions to problems. Ditto, real fair and balanced! I guess you think that your education is better then mine but yes I do read and COMPREHEND, not just fly off the handle at some criticism. You might rethink your smugness when I tell you that my husband has a Ph.d in ,hold on, English literature. These are my opinions and don't be fool by bronxmom handle I have long been out of there. But by your denigrating attack on my birthplace ,you show your own bias. This site is about Oliver Stone and his right to criticize and your defense of that. How biased can you be when you don't apply equal rules to everyone else. By the way, I also said that today's polls show Americans,again today, do not respect lawyers. I guess every lawyer is made aware of Shakespeare's remark so they can dispute it. And ,no , I don't paint all with the same brush ,have friends who I trust who are lawyers. This again proves that liberals think their own "funny' remarks are not hurtful but conservatives "funny" remarks are vicious. That's fair,right?Take care.

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Hey Bronxmama,So "calling people names is something liberals always do when they can't articulate a real opinion?" Right, and conservatives never do this, as evidenced on this board by the use of words like fags, homos, america-haters, wackos, commies, Hollyweirdos, etc. to refer to anything left of center. Congrats on your fair and balanced analysis.As for the lawyer reference, yeah, DUH, everybody knows that Shakespeare line, even before the 1st year of law school. But you probably didn't know it's from Henry VI and is spoken by a despicable character called Dick the Butcher, an idiot hit man who kills several ppl in cold blood. Anyway, it's another impressive piece of independent thought on your part to paint me with the same broad brush as the other 900,000 lawyers in the US. Yeah, I get it, we're all the same person. Kudos, rhetorical job well done.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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To Walker, I am the same exact age as you and have seen a mess since the seventies and now, finally, the Bush administration is trying to clean up the mess that liberals have gotten us into with their moral equivalency. Calling everyone names is very typical of liberals when they can't articulate real solutions to problems. Maybe some Americans agree with people besides liberals and what is wrong with that? Nothing. As for Houty, what did Shakespeare say about lawyers? The least respected "professionals" in all polls because of their lack of ethics and standards .

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Yo NataLIAR honey,Check the stats, not your selective use of them, but the OVERALL stats. Violent crime rates are up in some locales, of course, but for the whole nation, they've declined, for most of the last 3 DECADES. Here's some very basic math for the numerically challenged: yes, the murder rate went up in Houston, by the same amount that it went down in New Orleans, because MOST of the people moved from the latter to the former. Overall, however, the US murder rate has remained unchanged or gone down in most years since the 1970's. Even in my bastion of sin, L.A., we've seen a 24% drop in murders.We may have a wider variety of drugs today, but overall addiction rates are pretty flat. 50 years ago the main drugs were heroin, morphine, alcohol, pills, and a little pot and coke. Today, we have those and more, but the RATES of addiction are relatively unchanged. Funny you mention the devil's advocate, I'm an attorney. Since you're so interested in my qualifications, here they are: B.A., Trinity Univ., M.A., USC, J.D., UCLA. These are all institutions of higher education, what we often call universities. Now the Bush baby in the white house may have gone to Harvard, but he only got in because of family connections. His GPA and SAT scores were laughably mediocre compared with me, my wife and most of our peers. So you'll forgive me if I don't take him very seriously much of the time. As for flying jets, John Travolta is a better pilot than Bush, and the bottom line is that he signed up for the Champagne guard in Texas to avoid combat, certainly not to protect Houston from the rapidly advancing Vietcong.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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I have only read 1 of these opinion pieces so far. I must say to dm21 that your reading comprehension skills are subpar. Mr. Stone clearly states in his argument that he served his country and is a veteran. He too has put his life on the line for egotistical right wingers like you who are so bloated with self importance that they don't "hear" the entire side of a story. I implore you to read the article again and really try to understand what he's saying. Lastly, despite the decrease of box office receipts in recent memory, your lone voice isn't enough to bring down hollywood. You have your hand on nobody's marrionette strings my friend. You won't ever be able to stop art. All that you alone may do, is stop $8.50 from going to the gross of an Oliver Stone film. $5.50 if it's a matinee. The high horse that you think you're on is actually an ass, and it shows.Now onto my own opinion. I think he's way off base employing the term slander. There is nothing "slanderous" about disagreeing with one's opinion. I happen to side with him that he's fought and earned the right to have an opinion himself and I agree that as citizens we are born with the right to express our own opinions.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by hwoodfan1

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Well, Houty, Natalie handed you a big challenge . And all she did was point out your inconsistencies,not allude that you were gay or black. I never got that from your back and forth. Are you a little paranoid,maybe, something like Mr.Stone? Interesting that you try to defend someone so dumb as Stone while immediately dismissing Natalie. Another liberal trick.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bronxmom

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Just more proof that the folks in Hollywood just don't get it. We pay you to entertain us, not indoctrinate us. With Whack Jobs like Babs Striesand, Charlie Sheen, et al is it any wonder America is abandoning you? Sure, you actors have the right to spout off...it's free speech, so why do you complain when others exercise THEIR right to free speech to tell you what they think...that most of you are a bunch of panzied pampered liberals without a clue.It's a culture war. A war in which movies like The Passion Of The Christ break box office records and isn't recongized by the Hollywood elite, but movies like Brokeback Mountain draw a mediocre audience and get's acclaimed as a great movie.Hey, Oliver, don't hide behind this "Veteran" thing too long...Benidict Arnold was a hero of the revolution and Tim McVeigh was honorable discharged from the military...rumor has it that John "F"ing Kerry served in Vietnam too.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Yeru

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Oliver, you seem to forget that without, we, the people, you and your Hollywood buddies are nothing more than empty entertainment. Sure, we are the ones that put you on the stage and look up to you on the big screen, but that’s short-term and as far as you’ll ever be revered for your semi-usefulness. You seem to forget, along with your empty-headed dolts, that we control you and your simpleton bunch of clowns in Hollywood. When we want to be entertained by people like you and your fellow marionettes, all we have to do is pull the string on your backs and watch you spin your heads and spew empty meaningless tripe, then when we get bored, we just put you back in the trunk and put you back in the basement closet in the dark.You fools really don’t understand that this country was made by individuals who did not think of themselves first, rather about God, family and country. These people laid down their lives so you can have the freedom to do whatever you and your boneheaded friends want to do and be able to get on your little soapbox and act like idiots who have no clue on how to think individually rather depend on someone to write and deliver your lines. So just keep doing what you are doing and very soon, your industry will wither away, like a bad nightmare. You people are not the center of attention in real life!You may think that you all have all the fame and glory in this life, but on the other side, you may end up the opposite of what you were here for all eternity!Catch you on the other side!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by dm21

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You know Houlatax,I just reread your comments and started to laugh. There's hardly a hint of truth in any of them - but that's the lib way. Lie long enough, it becomes true.So drug use was just underground fifty years ago, huh? Were they cranking up the meth labs back then? You really do need to get out of the big city for awhile or go talk to a cop.Think that crime is going down do you? Did you take a little gander at New Orleans during the hurricane last year? Want to give me the story again about how society is improving? Oh, and Houston's murder rate this year? Up big Rock - thanks to the influx of loving societal rejects. Call home if you don't believe me and ask Mom.You need to get off the beach and into the real world. Since you like Latin, I'll sign off with this as a proper descriptor of you...advocatus diaboliP.S. "Dumbya" was smart enough to grab a Masters from Harvard and fly jets. Exactly what are your qualifications besides movie reviews?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

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Yo Houtalax,Modern day pharisee, contact music intellectual giant, and Rocky wannabe I guess. Don't know where you got that I'm trying to get your goat about racism or gayness. I simply pointed out the double standard you care to live by. I could care less what you are - only what you represent.You like reading the New Testament do you? Try reading the last book and come back and preach to me then about live and let live. Your previous stupid comments show an absolute lack of the historical or theological perspective of the Bible so I won't argue but I will provide this one clue so you can keep from looking like a moron next time you enter a debate.That book that's been translated, rewritten, and is only vaguely similar that you call outdated? Take a little trip over to Israel and look at a 2,200 year old scroll word for word with the "modern" translation of Isaiah found in 1948. You're utterly clueless Rock. Looks like Houston taught you nothing. And sweetie? Take a look at the name again. It's "goodbye" Natalie. Get the hint Rocky?And as far as being a doormat for your ilk because I claim Christ? Think again...ten of the eleven remaining apostles and Paul were crucified, beheaded, stoned, etc...Christians were thrown to the Lions, Jews butchered by the Romans, blah blah blah. I doubt that happened because they were abiding by the gray rule like yours.Truth be known, I've met your type a million times. You simply don't want to hear the truth because it doesn't abide in you.And the reason I haven't debated with you is this isn't the proper time and place. Education? I would care to bet a substantial amount of money concerning the level of education if you're willing to lay it on the line. But I'm having too much fun mocking you and your brood. And yeah, I'm mocking you. Think that's unbiblical? Try reading the prophets genius. It would be you in a theological debate that would have his head handed to him.Just give the word Rocky and lay down a few bucks. Will go to a more appropo setting where I will prove just how dumb you are. You're used to debating kids. Want to step up to the plate genius?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

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Funny, I don't see anyone attempting to restrict these pop stars' right to speak. Of course, they have a right to speak.But, they do not have a right to be listened to or taken seriously by the rest of us. These big-wigs with fragile egos simply are not used to anyone challenging what they say.Sorry dude - welcome to real life Oliver!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Freeper123

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Interesting...In radical Communist countries, intellectuals and artists are also denegraded, persecuted, shouted down, and sometimes executed for their beliefs.Parralels anyone???

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by EvilTwinSkippy

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Rightwing, Leftwing...thats nonsense, Mr. Stone and other celebrities in hollywood should have all the right in the world to voice their oppinions about what goes on in Hollywood. Those on the right seem to think that these people do not live in the US or are unpatriotic just because thay use the celebridom to either speak up or tell the story on the big screen. Those on the otherside seem to be very un-American sometimes, they forget that a oneside government is what we go and fight wars to end.Perhaps onday soon when they wake up oneday and come to the reality that their liberties are are a thing of the past, they will then open their 'party loyal eyes' and see that their country was railroaded by a group of people that smoke cuban cigars and sip imported wine while they laugh at the ignorane loyal populace.I applaud those in hollywood that add their voice to expose the King George mentality that has hijacked our country.Think about, to tear down a wall without being noticed is to remove one brick at a time...so goes liberty, and the American way of life.Shame on the un-free press.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Nevertheless

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Oliver Stone is like most of the other "Hollywood Stars" who tend to take themselves way too seriously. Many of this ilk tend to think that they help to shape and influence the average American's life. They are indeed living in a 'Hollywood fantasy-land!' The question is begging to be asked, Why should I take seriously anything that a professional phoney (any actor/actress) has to say about how to live or act? The answer is I do not, nor do many other Americans. Maybe Ollie should do what Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg and other "informed" individuals promised they would do if W was elected in 2000 and take up residence in another land. Maybe then we would take you a little more seriously. Until then, keep making your movies, doing your t.v. shows, when we need to escape reality we will watch and listen to you...

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Tntreeman

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You gotta love the left as a never ending source of entertainment, especially Hollywood. Vaudeville isn't dead, just watch whatever they say that isn't scripted or rehearsed and try not to laugh too hard, or you might miss something. Actually Ollie Stone is right, intelligent stars have a right to speak out but the key word "intelligent" so that rules out most of them who can't do much more than parrot their cause du jour. They mistake their past roles with real life experience that I guess makes them experts. And then, Ollie accuses others of slander - isn't that just the pot calling the kettle black. They're just too funny when they aren't taken seriously. They seem to all live in their own little Neverland.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by LoveTheLeft

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A lot of you have your undies all in a bunch over this Cynthia McKinney altercation.Can you HONESTLY say you would care as much if this were Nebraska Repblican Congressman John Q. Public (i.e., not an outspoken Black liberal feminist woman Democrat)?Of course Democrats do the same crap when given the chance, but that's a pretty weak justification--ahh, the beauty of our 2-party system! They are 2 sides of the same coin, playing a giant depraved game (e.g., all the scandals over the last few decades in BOTH parties)...like a half blue, half red 2-headed brat. We deserve better.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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"I gotta hand it to you buddy, it can't be easy being the only guy in here trying to defend the indefensible."It's only "indefensible" if you come at it with so many prejudices that you refuse to consider the possibility that there may be something legit to what he's saying.This is the problem with the Left, or the Right, depending on how you look at it. The Left is more introspective, skeptical and self-doubting by nature. Good in some ways, bad in others (such as running successful political campaigns in the last 10 years). The Right, on the other hand, is better organized, more loyal and marches forward with near Biblical certitude on most matters. Again, both good and bad (see Iraq).

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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Yo yo Goodbye NataLIE,Still didn't answer my question: how Christian is it of you to wish that ppl you disagree with get swallowed up all Biblical style?Why don't you try turning off the 700 Club long enough to read a history book? Whatever racism practiced by Jesse, McKinney, et al. is nothing compared to the wonderful Jim Crow years of lynching, segregation, all-white juries, etc. Only ignorance or outright hatred could lead you to even make such a conclusion.Furthermore, unless you've recently VOLUNTEERED to fight in a foreign war, you really don't have much room to call Kerry a coward. Refresh my memory: what did Dumbya do during Vietnam? The rest of your arguments and "facts" are equally addled: the murder rates have been going down for decades now; drug abuse was always a serious problem (just more underground 50 years ago). And, unless you're hiding the research stemming from your sociology Ph.D., the rest of your points have nothing to do with Hollywood's influence--e.g., suicide rates? Those are Hollywood's fault? Your entire post--in fact, all of your posts--is just one huge ad hominem non sequitir (I'll wait while you look it up; it's Latin, if that helps.)Sorry, hon, but you're way out of your league and in over your head. I won't waste any more of my time arguing with an inferior intellect such as yours, but I'll leave with a couple of thoughts. First, try reading the SECOND part of the Bible; it's called the New Testament. Some versions even make it really easy for the neophyte reader by printing Jesus's words in bright red, a color I'm sure you love, so the experience will be fun for you. Anyway, you'll be surprised that very little of what Jesus says is insulting, or filled with hatred or venom; indeed, much of it could be described as flat out liberal. Finally, you've been trying to get my goat with little racist and homophobic jabs. Turns out I'm neither black nor gay. Now there's obviously nothing I can do about the former, but if all remaining women were as simple and "feminine" as you, I might reconsider the latter.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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Hey houtolax,I gotta hand it to you buddy, it can't be easy being the only guy in here trying to defend the indefensible. Hang in there and keep us smiling!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by ElfDude

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Oliver Stone may be a pompous washed-up windbag, but his central point is valid: the Left in the entertainment industry, and sometimes Calif. as a whole, is often dismissed simplistically as "Hollyweird sissy wackos". This kind of insult then becomes a substitute for any rational debate, as it categorizes an entire, large group of people and implies they have nothing of value to say.As a resident of an affluent L.A. suburb, how would most of you respond if I were to refer to those in the less privileged parts of the "heartland" as "backwards, knuckle-dragging, cousin-marrying, bible-thumping, semi-literate, deep-fried fanatical rednecks?" Now I would never say anything like that, of course. But if I did, how would you respond?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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Just imagine the reaction here if Spike Lee had made similar comments! Then the ultra-right wingers would really be having a field day.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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Oliver,I don't deny your right to have an opinion.---------I do object to you and every other personality that has access to more media than you should be entitled just because of your celebrity status. I would much prefer to hear the opinion of someone who lives in a little town in the middle of nowhere. Or, how about someone who has been there or spent a lifetime studying the area.----------Celebrities use their status to make their opinions heard more than the average citizen...which is exactly who you are when you speak about politics.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Magnum

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Oliver Stone is just whining. Incredible arrogance. Let me give you some sage advice Oli, while I do respect your success it does not turn you into a genius in all walks of life. Indeed, you and some of your couterparts have shared your politics with us and a lot of us realize that many of you talented Hollywood types are, in fact, nutty. In fact, over the past 10 years I have weaned my entire family and many friends from going to many newer release movies just out of disgust and disdain for these almost insane pronouncements. (eg,Charlie Sheen's recent theory about the twin towers made him the latest Actor to go on my Twilight-Zone list) While we do thank you for your service it is fairly certain that you did not volunteer, of which I would like to remind you, ALL the current soldiers did and God Bless them for wanting to assume the target off our backs. So don't get too carried away with your prior service record as a defense of your position. Your right to speak out has nothing to do with it, that's what is so fantastic about this Country and why everyone still wants to come here. We want to keep it that way. The fact is, some of us have convictions & beliefs that you cannot insult on a regular basis and expect us not to retaliate verbally & economically. My respect still must be earned, not demanded by those I consider pompous, self-centered nutcases simply with a political axe to grind. It's called integrity, Oli, integrity. The 'non-politically correct' definition in the American Heritage Dictionary defines it to mean 1)"rigid adherence to a code of values". 2)"soundness, completness, unity". This is what the embodiment of your philosphy lacks, it is unsound, incomplete, fractious, and devoid of values consistent with the foundation of our society. Team players when it might mean even the country? Can't prove it by the actions or words the last 5 years of your Socialist counterparts. So, what do you expect? Quit whining!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by SuperX

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to "Goodbye Natalie:" I love to read what you write on the forums on this site! That was a great line about the San Andreas fault! I'll admit that I've thought of that before--that area. There's a song with a line..."and my house is on the San Andreas fault!"To all you Drudge critics: Matt has many inside contacts in different organizations that trust him implicitly and provide him with prime, inside news before others receive it. I read it on Drudge, and 3 days later, it's in the paper!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by fairybee

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"Intelligent stars" is a contradiction in terms. These Limousine Liberals have the right to spout their whiny, ill-informed, uneducated, unread opinions (opinions are like @$$holes; everyone has one); and we the public are free to criticize them, not pay to see their movies or shows, not buy magazines or newspapers with them in it, and further "Dixie-Chick" them. They are big whiners and babies. They think we have no right to raise our proletariat voices against the almighty star royalty.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by fairybee

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It's not just stars. The country is consumed with a lack of respect for any divergence in views. It's felt by veterans, military spouses and parents, young and old, people on the East Coast, the West Coast and in the Heart Land, Dems and Reps. When someone is wrong, point it out. When you disagree, explain why. But if insults or smears are the best you've got, keep it shut.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by fed_up

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Oh OLLIE, OLLIE, OLLIE, are you audutioning for 'STAN'S' to play your sidekicks??? Is that what CYNTHIA McKINNEY was doing in her contretemps with the Capitol police??? Or was it SEAN PENN telling us what a great reporter he wasn't??? Or was it BARFBRA STREISAND showing how she couldn't spell?? Perhaps it's AL GORE regaling all of us with stories that he is the real inspiration for 'LOVE STORY'?? Could it be JOHN 'the fraud' KERRY'S inane predictions on floods in NEW YORK and BOSTON??? Perhaps it was ALEC 'I can't act' BALDWIN explaining to us how to 'keep' women like his ex-wives??? Or maybe it was GEORGE SOROS instructing us how to 'fix' currency markets that got him indicted/convicted in La Belle France??? Or just maybe, maybe, it could be SOCIALIST/PROGRESSIVE/COMMUNIST scumbag BERNIE SAUNDERS OF VERMONT who 'stole' money from his campaign and gave it to his wife/daughter because they were such 'good' worker's??? SO MANY CHARACTERS - SO MANY TOO CHOOSE FROM??? Ah the lefties always a plethora of options!!! But you're an intellectual - right Ollie??? HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA! Let's not forget NEWSPEAK glibbers DICK DURBIN, RUSS FEINGOLD, ERICA JONG(who thinks she deserves an endowed chair at HARVARD because she is afraid of flying!), SHARON STONE who thinks a little spread doesn't stink out the joint, and how about SPIKE LEE who believes whitey blew the "LEVY'S" in New ORleans to trap BLACKS who couldn't swim!!! Quite a list to pick from - who will be LAUREL to your HARDY???? OR IS IT HARDLY NECESSARY???

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by zyskandar

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Poor Sharon! She thinks she's still a star! ROFLMAOThat ship's done sailed sweetheart.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Marco7

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Best quote ever by an actor (Brad Pitt)."Who cares what I think China should do (about Tibet)? "I'm a f**king actor ... I'm a grown man who puts on makeup."More at: http://www.salon.com/ent/movies/1997/10/10tibet.html

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Panos

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But why would anyone believe anything Oliver says anyway? He has very little credibility. After all, he puts out films like JFK!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by john in san diego

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Stone is angry because the public doesn't swoon at the idiotic political comments coming from his colleagues. "Stars" are completely uneducated in history, economics, political science, war, law, foreign affairs, or government, feel free to remark on political matters, and then are offended when their absurd, childish, and dull-witted statements draw guffaws. This is cause and effect, not media manipulation. A previous poster offers this perfect example: Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, states that, "Christianity and sex have never been good friends."That is a patently ridiculous statement. And any Christians who are reading this know exactly what I mean. It is no wonder that the public laughs at these pathetically ignorant “show biz loons.”

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by scarlettroyal

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What these left-wing "wackos" don't understand is that we are not saying they do not have a right to question leadership. They do. As we have the right to criticize what they say. They disagree with our president. We disagree with them. They are exercising their first admendment right as are we. Why do they think they have the right to criticize our president but they are immune to any criticizism? Is it that people from Hollywood have more rights than the rest of us? If they want to be idiots, let them. And if I think they are saying stupid things, I will say so. As I have a right to.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by mmtours

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Hey HouieI second the fact that things were much better in the years past.Kids could play outside, crime was dealt with and people lived within themselves and without instant gratification.At any rate, I do this site and it is boring until Drudge picks it up. I know that you like the site before Drudge cuz the libs make up the info and other bs. So, you dont have any dissention or fairness through representation of the right side.At any rate, my problem with the hollywoodies, is the fact that if you boycott or critique their work, it is censorship or other conspiracy nonsense as mentioned by Stony or the other sex police spouting goofball director.The media and hollywoodie companies may be owned by Wall Street, but they are run by the moonbats.Enough, I gotta go

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by mohammed al gore

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Oliver Stone wants to use the bully pulpit that his fame affords him, but at the same time feels he should be shielded from reaction about that fame. The phrase hypocritical left wing wacko comes to mind with him, instead of just left wing wacko.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Political Junkee

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Ollie misunderstands the issue. Celebrities have as much a right to voice their opinions as any other American. The issue is that celebrity's have a vastly disproportionate ability to express and amplify their opinions because they are covered by the media - print, television, web sites, etc. That access is based upon their creative abilities, acting abilities or even their looks, not on their political, economic military, or health care knowledge orskills.So, if Ollie really wanted justice and equality for celebrities, he would not be imploring the media to discount or mock their opinions; he would be imploring the media to IGNORE their opinions. In this way, celebrities would be treated like average Americans. Stop your whining, Oliver. Cry baby.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by RedBlooded

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Oliver, As Amaricans we all have the right to say what we want, But when I say some thing only the people in the room can hear me. When a lefty hollywood idiot talks people listen. So if you don't like the feedback shut up.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by iserved2

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And if you act like a wacko, expect somebody else to point out the obvious.The problem with Hollywoodies is, they have to pay people to surround them and tell them how wonderful they are. What a shame you can't put the entire world on your payroll, eh?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Derigitable

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Oliver,Get off the hardcore drugs man, they went out in the early 80's. You need to upgrade to the latest and greatest designer drugs.Actually you do have a point, celebrities are getting slammed a lot these days by conservatives, and the growing conservative media. It is a shame that it takes something like this to show liberals what the 80's/90's were like for conservatives (remember Charlton Heston). Be honored though that we took notice of the liberal media for such a long time...it has helpd us hone our skills.K

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Mangled

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Oliver,Yes you and all the movie stars have a right to speak out against the president or whatever it is that bothers you.The press also has a right to say what they think about the comments stars make. FREE PRESS. Slander? c'mon Oliver. If it is out and out slander then sue, otherwise you have to expect that someone else won't agree with you. They may even write about it or offer commentary on TV. That is life my friend. As a public person that is the cost of letting your opinions be known. Somebody else will always disagree. If you want to make a statement go right ahead, just don't tell me I can't disagree with it publicly.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by steveB

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What does this guy expect? Most of Hollywood has a high school education, an overabundance of wealth, an elitist attitude, a captive audience and ambivilance to what most of america really thinks and feels. Who cares if he's a VN veteran. I'm a Veteran I still think Oliver Stone is an ass for making natrual born killers much less all the other pap he gets funded to put in our theaters. Screw him. Screw Hollywood. Who needs you or cares what you think. Try working a real job.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by SURF66

SURF66's picture

Oliver Stone and people of his ilk are the parties responsible for the death of Hollywood. I don't like leftist freaks and I choose to vote (or not)for their voice with my dollars at the theatre! I think that these Hollywood types are arrogant idiots who think that they're brighter than most. I refuse to feed their publicity and will spend my money on alternative entertainment. Eveyone wonders why the box office has been dying!?The death of the big screen can be traced to the 2004 presidential elections.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by BoredwithHollywood

BoredwithHollywood's picture

Why no Houlatax,I don't want millions of my fellow Americans to die. I just want the fault to swallow you and a few of the loons in Hollybomb.So you like today, do you? Well now instead of segregation, we get Cynthia McKinney, Louis Farrahkan, and Jesse Jackson - racism is racism. Instead of McCarthism, we get cowardice ala John Kerry and Bill Clinton. 46MM abortions all in love, pandemic teenage suicide, illicit drug use rappant, and an ever spiraling murder rate. Don't remember fanatics flying planes into building in 1964. Did I miss something? Nothing new under the sun - different set of problems. But Hollywood? Yeah, Hollywood is different. Only you're too clueless to notice. Probably watching the 30th rendition of the pup tent scene.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

Goodbye Natalie's picture

My Platoon of Natural Born Killers assassinated JFK on the 4th of July to get into the Joy Luck Club.You make movies. Bad ones. Your comments reveal you have the same talent for politics. You chose the national stage to voice your opinion, be a big boy and handle national counter-opinion.Drudge ROCKS!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by OliverStoned

OliverStoned's picture

It always amazes me how Oliver Stone, George Clooney and left wing Hollywooder stand up for their rights to criticize the president (calling him stupid etc….) under the veil of free speech and yet when the table is turned and people criticize them its unfair and their insecure feelings get hurt. They assume that everyone will agree with their point of view because they are stars and we are stupid. They either need to accept the backlash or keep their mouth shut. Oliver & George you can’t have it both ways.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Middle American

Middle American's picture

People, people, people --You are all taking yourselves way too seriously here. And, as usual, the insults fly on both sides.Left-wingers: Stop your damn incessant whining. You're not victims, and never were. Neither is Oliver Stone.Right-wingers: Just like you, Oliver Stone and the rest of Hollywood can freely avail themselves of the First Amendment. If you don't like what they say, then don't listen. It's really not that hard. My fellow moderates: Let's please find something -- just one thing -- ANYTHING -- to care about.Have a groovy day!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by scottster81

scottster81's picture

Unfortunately for Ollie the movies he makes are not too good ,otherwise, people might overlook the personal politics. Personally, I agree with another blogger who stated that she couldn't watch these Hollywood phonies being interviewed one night sprewing their viciousness against almost anything America does, has done, or will do , and then pay to see one of their bad movies. Just can't do it and apparently half of America agrees. Listening to these elitists constantly badmouth most of my values ,including the men in my life, and then expect to be adored is really a bit too egotistical for me. Maybe its the drugs that make liberals hate their own roots or just self-hatred for making obscene amounts of money while half the world suffers, whatever, but I will not stand for their lies and distortions anymore. Thanks to ContactMusic and Drudge for giving Americans a chance to speak.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bronxmom

bronxmom's picture

couldn't agree more cesare"fifty years ago, we had Bob Hope and Bing Crosby"Yeah, fifty years ago, you also had lynchings, segregation, McCarthyism, bans on contraception, bans on interracial marriage, almost no women or minorities in government, big business, the military, and the legal and medical professions. And no internet. Gee, sounds great. If only we had a time machine.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

houtolax's picture

Old Stoney needs to understand something...WE DO NOT CARE WHAT HE THINKS!He should put his clown suit back on and hop around in front of a camera and try to entertain us. If he does that then maybe and I mean maybe...his movies may net dollar one again.DANCE CLOWN DANCE!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by chilcox

chilcox's picture

Hey Goodbye Girl Natalie,"thank God for the San Andreas fault...hope you fall in the ocean?" Aww, honey, where's the tolerance and love? You really want millions of your fellow countrymen to die simply because they hold different views on religion and politics? That's not very Christian, is it?Anyway, don't hold your breath. The reality is that the San Andreas fault has been around for millions of years (make that 4,500 years if you live in the faith--rather than reality--based world) without losing California.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

houtolax's picture

I am eternally grateful that I am blessed with a simple life which permanently keeps me from ever personally encountering these spoiled stupid supercilious Hollywood t**ts whom popular kulture and the mice in ther million hordes (from Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads) sadly elevates way beyond their intellectual pay grade. The old saying "he/she is JUST a pretty face" has never had more apposite resonance. In Stone's (Sharon) case that is nowadays not even all that literal. Amusingly enough most movies the Hollywood liberal vermin makes these days are so poor and/or unoriginal that cinema attendances, like liberal newspaper circulation figures - are in freeefall :) Its kind of nice to have a place where one can post uncensored astute musings. Hopefully the targets of these trenchant, suitably restrained observations will we all of a quiver duckie at their next "reading" or screen test, or Bush hate fund raiser for the archetypal femi-nazi Shrillary - or whatever.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by hollywoodleftie...

hollywoodleftiesarescum's picture

I think we can all agree that Celebrities have every right to speak their mind. Just because someone is famous does not preclude them from standing up for what they believe in. However, for one to complain about being labeled for what they believe seems hypocritical to me. How many celebrities have charged those they disagree with as being Nazis, Racists, Murderers, Homophobes, Sexists, Antisemitic, or any number of other statements that are far more incendiary than being called a leftist or a nut. (Although some right wing people are equally wrong to dismiss others as traitors without cause.)But none of this really quantifies why average Americans are tired of hearing celebrities run off at the mouth. The real reason we (on the right and the left) are sick of it is that the image presented is one of celebrities using causes to up their profile. I think we all have this image in our mind of some star going to an enviromental rally in which he/she pats himself on the back for getting other people to contribute $100,000 to lower greenhouse emissions than gets into a stretch Humvee limo to drive across town and sign a 20 million dollar deal to film a movie that will be so expensive (due to the 20 million) that theater owners will have to raise ticket prices to reimburse the studios and as a reult poor families cannot even go to the movies.Actions are much more important than words, and only a few in Hollywood have the integrity to practice what they preach.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Jadjarhd

Jadjarhd's picture

Oliver - the fact that you are a citizen and a veteran does not preclude you from being a Hollywood whacko and a left-winger. The fact that you believe something passionately does not preclude your belief from being 180 degrees out of phase with reality. An opinion is just like a nose: everyone has one. If you insist on sharing yours with others who didn't ask for it and don't care to hear it, prepare to have them respond. The fact that you have "held other jobs" and "know something of life" does not make you an expert on anything except being a Hollywood director - your political opinion is no more valid than mine. My (unsolicited) advice for you would be, "Shut up and sing!"

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by blacksilver

blacksilver's picture

dont know why all of my comment didnt get posted but here it is again:...Ollie stone, "left wing hollywood is slandered all the time" yeah sure. Hollywood leftists have been slandering people they disagree with for decades now.... ...and to the liberals who said all the big companies are conservative, PLEASE PROVE THAT STATEMENT? THE FORD CORPORATION? ROCKEFELLER CORP? DISNEY? too name a FEW.has anyone ever been to disney world's gay day event(s)? MANY MANY CORPORATIONS ARE RUN BY GLOBAL LEFTIST LAIZZE FAIRE CAPITALISTS. dont get me started...many many exhippies are part of the multi-billion dollar establishment. liberals slander ALL the time...just as Oliver Stone is slandering the actions of conservatives.FOX is a conservative network? lets play a game: who do the liberal reporters with the first names "GERALDO" AND "GRETA" work for? FOX...they are two of FOX's biggest name reporters and they give many donations to the Democratic party.also, when hasnt the LEFTIST HOLLYWOOD ESTABLISHMENT NOT SLANDERED PEOPLE THEY DISAGREE WITH?...the thing about Mr. Stone comment about being slandered is as follows: what he calls "slander" is actually the truth: just as I agree with the term "right wing nut," I also agree with "left wing wacko." the terms fit where appropriate. and Hollywood has ALOT MORE left wing wackos than right wing nuts. go figure...

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by redragon

redragon's picture

I say keep Oliver Stone and the rest of them in the limelight, telling people what they think. That way we can watch them all just fade into oblivion. They would be well advised to what watch the fall of the print and national news media, they are both traveling down the same path.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by highflight

highflight's picture

Does anyone care what Hollywood has to say? I don't know anyone who looks to Hollywood for answers. I didn't know movie stars were well informed on the issues. Most of these Hollywood types making comments are out of touch with reality. Take Alec Baldwin for example wasn't he ripping on Sean Hannity because he used to work in Construction. Basically calling Sean out because he wasn't on the same level as Alec. You can't talk to me I'm Mr Hollywood and your just a regular guy. Alec you lost that debate plain and simple, and you stormed off. Hollywood can make their movies and say their views their entertainers, and it is entertaining to hear their wacko left wing views. Hollywood can keep preaching and beating their wacko drum. You know what was really funny last election, I thought celebrity endorsements from the likes of Madonna. and others gave me a good chuckle. I knew that if Hollywood was standing behind a candidate they must be good (lol). How many people can associate with people who get paid millions of dollars, multiple homes, multiple cars, a private jet, Hollywood keep it coming I need to laugh more.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bmaverick5

bmaverick5's picture

Want to know why they're dismissed as Hollywood whackos? It's true. They create a make believe world then believe they know of what they speak. Their thought processes become corrupted by the fawning attentions of the people who surround them with platitudes and attention. They play smart people on screen so they think they are. Oliver Stone is an ironic spokesman for this topic, as his pseudodocumentary movies veer from reality more than most, and he takes himself way too seriously as he rides his limo to the bank.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Xardox

Xardox's picture

Actors have free speech to say what they want...Everyone else has the free speech to say they are a bunch of retards!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by adam

adam's picture

WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! The man who won't let the facts get in the way of a good story wants to be taken seriously. Boo hoo. Question to Stone: You say it is "slander", but you're not a lawyer. Are actors/directors qualified to practise law as well as be experts on international diplomacy? Brilliant, Mr. Stone. Have a latte with some friends at a cafe or in your mansion, and leave the rest of the working world alone.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by rommel

rommel's picture

Mr. Stone,I have heard your views, and just don't agree with them. You may have been a normal American at one time. Now, it seems, you've been caught up in the tortured beliefs of a place where the manufacture of fantasy is reality. Really, how can you expect anyone to take your views seriously when your very livelihood is deception?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by justaguy

justaguy's picture

This has got to be the most ridiculous comment I've ever heard from this wacko. Sounds to me like a spoiled baby who can't have his way anymore. The left has had a monopoly on all the media outlets for the past 50 years and now when people wise up to them and recognize the garbage that they spew is anti-american, vitriolic hatred against decent hard working American's they get fed up. Why don't you move to a Muslim country and try practicing your free speech there being that you lefto fruitcakes seem to think that they are the epitome of rightiousness, fairness, and equality. Then maybe you'll see who the real religious fanatics are.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Popeye

Popeye's picture

Hollywood actors make fortunes by pretending to be someone other than who they really are. They live in a privileged world, divorced from real world the rest of us live in. Is it any wonder that so many of them need psychiatrists, to help them deal with reality?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Farmer

Farmer's picture

I don't think it's politically minded 'stars' who get slammed for their views: it's the pompous and righteous 'stars' who spout their opinions as facts and then ridicule those who don't agree with them as 'ill-informed' and 'wrong.'

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Thompson18

Thompson18's picture

Oh, come on now, Oliver! You *know* that if a celebrity popped up with strong *support* for President Bush or for the war, you would be among the first to "slander" that "politically-minded star". You're just upset because from your vantage point, it appears as though the rest of the world is "right-wing". Here's a clue - look to see how many folks are to the right of you; look to see how many folks are to the left of you; realize that you are in fact a left-winger ;-).To paraphrase Laura Ingraham, "Shut up and make movies."

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by CaliforniaModerate

CaliforniaModerate's picture

The incessant liberal/leftist self absorbed drivel from the invariably vapid hollywood (cocaine sniffing?) limousine liberals is hilarious. Tellingly most of them are acutely unaware politically. Brainlessly asserting their showboating right to publicly humiliate themselves in the usually fawning celebrity loving press with their witless, moronic pronouncements and lemming like anti-Bush regimentation. Their opinions are no more relevant or important than the average peasant's. And clearly are not rooted from experience of the real world that most folks exist in. The trademark haughty liberal arrogance is of course de riguer for those that arrogate to themselves the groundless notion that their opinions are somehow more important than those tens of millions of us who miss out on celebrity A-list cocaine sniffing? backslapping starfests. Undoubtedly everybody has the right to be narcissistic and obscenely stupid but hollywood (and rock/pop stars) unswervingly abuse this privilege. Why cant these puffed up egos SHUT THE HELL UP and focus on their next $1000 hairdo's or spend more time bullying their "assistants" into ensuring their ridiculous hotel demands are competing on The Smoking Gun.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by hollywoodleftie...

hollywoodleftiesarescum's picture

mousie = resident conspiracy theorist ("grassy knoll type"), assistant bootlicker to Mr. Stone, and generally intellectual dolt who subscribes to People Magazine.Only a country who has given 50MM Muslims a taste and a chance at freedom would be criticized by the American left. I look forward to the leftist butts in the air five times a day or the head lopping to start pronto.Libs will get a real taste of their version of tolerance. My only question for Mousie. Do you prefer burkas with lace?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

Goodbye Natalie's picture

WAAAAAAAAAAA Nobody listens to my bwilliant left wing diatwibes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by rightwingnut

rightwingnut's picture

I love it when Libs whine and complain about Fox News and Ann Coulter.1) Stop complaining about Fox News and I'll stop complaining about CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. etc... Fox is NO more conservative than they are liberal.2) Ann Coulter is NO worse than Michael Moore (well, she is much easier on the eyes). He seems to be making a very good living these days. Regarding celebs, George Clooney has been making a lot of political statements for the last few years and his career is doing fine. Frankly, if I were a Liberal, he's not the spokesperson I'd want. For instance, his comments at the Oscars about the Academy giving an award to an African-American, Hattie McDaniel, in the 30's didn't exactly make his case. She won for PLAYING A SLAVE who remained loyal to her owner. Uh...not the sort of thing I'd want to shine a light on. BTW, Hattie McDaniel wasn't allowed to attend the awards banquet the year she one (something else Mr. Cloony forgot to mention).

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Robustoman

Robustoman's picture

Good bye Natalie! Your comment "We breed, you abort", How about this one, we have children, you kill them in an unlawful war? Ann Coulter isn't the only rabid republican. Too bad all this conservative anger can't be put to good use. RIGHT ON OLIVER STONE!!!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by mousie

mousie's picture

...Ollie stone, d yeah, left wing hollywood is slandered all the time... which media I he talking about?...and to liberals who said all the big companies are conservative, PLEASE PROVE THAT STATEMENT? THE FORD CORPORATION? DISNEY? ROCKEFELLOR CORP? too name a FEW.ever been to disney world gay day event(s)? MANY MANY CORPORATIONS ARE RUN BY GLOBAL LEFTIST LAIZZE FAIRE CAPITALISTS. dont get me started...many many exhippies are part of the multi-billion dollar establishment. liberals slander ALL the time...

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by redragon

redragon's picture

The *stars* slander themselves with their comments. zzz

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bokumo

bokumo's picture

I don't think Stone, Penn, Sheen, or other self-important, scintillating, purveyors of fantasy check in with this site, so I would encourage all to forward their thoughts directly to the websites related to the aformentioned where your sentiments may have some impact. I would not have stumbled in here had it not been for the Drudge link, and I probably won't stumble back in...Some of these outspoken thesbians and singers actually do have some talent and it would be so much easier to enjoy them if they would just do their jobs and keep their mouths shut. HEY ALL ENTERTAINERS!, we know with the exception of Kris Kristopherson, you're probably not Rhoades scholars, so why open your mouths and remove all doubt? I/we enjoy your performances but we sure do not need them to survive so I now hesitate and avoid before attending or renting a Brosnan, Glover, Cruise, Penn, Stone, etc, on and on, flick. Keep voting with your wallet, America, and even Hollywood will eventually get the idea. Finally, if Hollywood wants to open its mouth publicly, they all should be prepared to be criticized, publicly. You would think the beating they are taking at the box office would be plenty to endure...but libs seem to have an almost religious Passion for suffering, and then making lugubrious, incredible, and inane public statements about it.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by infidel

infidel's picture

Voice of Reason wrote:comments: If any of you actually heard Mr. Stone speak, you would understand that he is actually very smart and analytical, unlike those single-minded people that degrade him for his comments and ideas. I agree, that many of celebrities today are not "all there", but Mr. Stone is the antithesis of unintellectual. Those of us that have above average intelligence should not be so readily dismissed. I am sad to say that most of this country is completely ignorant. Our society has become that of greedy idiots. I challenge all of you to listen to what intellectual people have to say with an open mind. Try not to look at it from your Conservative or Liberal bias, but look at it with non-partisan point of view. This actual comment came from an interview on the Independent Film Channel.Heard him speak? No. I did how ever read the article that this forum is attached to. If you read it also I find it hard that you can call Mr. Stone a "very smart and analytical" person. thats ludicrus.Personally I take every thing I see and read from ANY media with a grain of salt. Thats to say most of it is going to be half truths. I will generally look for the same article from an opposing view to try and see the other side of a particular issue. Knowing that somewhere in between both articles I can come to my own conclusion. How ever with an interview of Mr. Stones opinion I have the right to critisize what he has to say if my opinion differs. Unfortunatly, Mr. Stone doesn't believe I should be allowed to do that.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by chazz

chazz's picture

What irk's me the most about all of this is how celebrities think that it's ok to use their famous face to stand on a soapbox and preach to us what they think while their opinions go unchallanged in any way. I don't care what party you belong to, first and formost, your all entertainers not political speakers. If you want to debate in the arena of ideas then great, but do so in a forum that allows all sides to be heard. But if you think that just because you are privilaged to have cameras in your face gives you right to express yourself unchallanged, then fine too, but don't whine when those that have no other means of challanging you speak for themselves in what forum that have available to use. We are all citizens who wish to opine on an equal level, your celebrity status puts you on the advantage we all don't appreciate, so the only way we can show you our dissatisfaction is either at the box office(and yes, I do boycott those that "irked" me the most) or available media (ie..internet), so grow up, shut up and deal with it.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Pepeka

Pepeka's picture

Maxvolt,You should really pay attention to your grammar and syntax as much of your post is incoherent. Regardless, as far as I can tell, your point is that Drudge's site should not be criticized by liberals because so many purportedly left-wing media articles are linked up. You're making the classic mistake of confusing quality with quantity; furthermore, you completely misunderstand his editorial agenda. So he's got some articles from the Post and the NY/LA Times? Big deal. He also links up lots of stories from the WSJ, Wash Times and smaller local sites that lean right. And practically all of his own "breaking" stories are meant to discredit the Left (increasingly these days with tabloid junk on Hillary). Moreover, with the stories he chooses to highlight, he's clearly displaying a divisive tendency meant to inflame passions on the Right. Whether it's some offhand comment by a washed-up movie director (even most liberals don't think Stone has made anything but crap in the last 15 years); or the latest ramblings of a drunken Streisand or Clooney at some benefit; or the usual suspect Hillary Clinton's bad taste in furniture, Drudge focuses on inconsequential crap meant to create a red-blue frenzy. To this very purpose, his headlines often massively distort the stories they are linked to. He's ultimately a tabloid hack.What is it that conservatives are really so pissed off about, and WHY are they always so pissed off? Why so much hatred for Hollywood, the Left and other things unfamiliar to you? You must be the sorest winners in history. You've been dreaming for half a century about this kind of power. You've won the last four national elections (98,00,02,04) and control all three branches of government, as well as corporate America, and most of religion. Hollywood and a few big city newspapers are about all that the Left still has. Of course this situation won't last forever, but while it does, you should relax and enjoy it.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

houtolax's picture

Oliver, under sharia law which you lefties and hollywood types seem to prefer with your support of the terrorists talking points, you would have a head about the 20 seconds it would take them to hack it off. Drudge introduced me to Contact Music and I do read articles that are not linked. You can read Drudge links and get information right away, you can see it on FOX about a day later and maybe never in from the "main stream presstitutes". Kudos to contact Music for the forum.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by aflyonthewall

aflyonthewall's picture

It would be good to remind the Hollywood elite that they depend on the fly over country for the large pay checks not the other way around. We have figured out you work for us and we're not impressed by what you do. Ask the aging Sharon Stone about her breath away from peace, and oral sex for our teens, and oh yes her current box office block buster. Please put your clothes back on and shut down the special effects and try to do something worth viewing, or continue on you current political course and you may need to get a real job and then the talk will stop and justice will be served. Those around you listen because of the size of your wallet not the wisdom in your words. Wall street does not represent me anymore than you do.The two left coasts "do not a country make".

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by dav

dav's picture

If any of you actually heard Mr. Stone speak, you would understand that he is actually very smart and analytical, unlike those single-minded people that degrade him for his comments and ideas. I agree, that many of celebrities today are not "all there", but Mr. Stone is the antithesis of unintellectual. Those of us that have above average intelligence should not be so readily dismissed. I am sad to say that most of this country is completely ignorant. Our society has become that of greedy idiots. I challenge all of you to listen to what intellectual people have to say with an open mind. Try not to look at it from your Conservative or Liberal bias, but look at it with non-partisan point of view. This actual comment came from an interview on the Independent Film Channel.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason's picture

Poor Ollie, he seems to forget that other people have a right to their views also and if it happens to be different than his apparently he thinks it should be silenced.....BTW Ollie, your films suck as much as your opinions do, but I'll defend your right to make an ass out of yourself any day of the week.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by PMOTVRWC

PMOTVRWC's picture

Houlatax,So the location you were raised makes you knowledgable? LOL. Are you related to Cynthia McKinney by any chance? Bit part in Broken Back Mounting? Bab's website designer? Wear flowers in your hair?I've found those that claim to be most tolerate (that would be you) are generally too uneducated to understand what the definition of tolerance is and are generally the most intolerant as Ollie Stone's comment attests.But us "little folk" in MS, LA, KS, and UT sure do thank you and your brood for enriching WalMart and its respective DVD sales instead of Hollybomb.Keep up the good work!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

Goodbye Natalie's picture

I am a Republican transplant from the mid-west living smack dab in the the heart of the Hollywood film industry; Burbank, CA.I hate to break it to Stone, but yes, Hollywood is full of left-wing limosine wackos. Trying to have any rational debate on the issue with any Hollywood liberal always begins with their tired addage of "Bush Lied" and ends with the red-faced liberal screaming as spittle flies out of the corner of his/her mouths. For some reason, most conservative do not feel compelled to yell when sharing ideas.Every day I see something in the Hollywood culture that is increasingly anti-American, absolutely grounded in pure fantasy, and championed by pampered idiots whose sole skill in life is the ability to recite a line or two of dialogue before returning to their air-conditioned trailers & abusing their personal assistants. Therefore, for Oliver Stone to assert that these movie stars are educated, he must be referring to acting class.While all champions of free speech understand that healthy debate is necessary, that dissent when warranted is justified, blatant disrespect is never tolerable. Clooney, Streisand, et al are walking hypocrites who need to concentrate in learning their lines and abusing their assistants rather than trying to govern our country. If Hollywood really wants to put its money where it mouth is, perhaps they should take all the money squandered annually on Botox, Collegan implants, and DiVinci veneers by donating it to a worthy charity.Note to John Wayne: We really need you down here!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Hollywood Conse...

Hollywood Conservative's picture

Stone states his opinion, legitimizing it with the statement, "I know something of life, having lived to this age."However, it seems as though he has lived to this age without learning what "slander" means. Slander is defined as "A false and malicious statement or report about someone." If someone hears someone's statements, and calls him "left-wing" or dismisses his statements because he is "an actor, a showbusiness director," guess what, Oliver? You ARE a left wing showbusiness director. That is neither false, nor malicious.No one is saying that you don't have the right to question your leaders... Yet it does seem that you ARE saying that people don't have the right to dismiss your opinions.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by sirruslotus

sirruslotus's picture

Stone is just mad because Alexander the Fabulous failed at the box office.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Creed

Creed's picture

cesare,"Good God? I can't wait until you people die out?" LOL. What you don't understand is that we breed - you abort.All I can say is thank God for the San Andreas fault line! You wait for us to die out. We'll wait for you to fall off in the Pacific. Want to cast a few bucks to which happens first before you and Houlligan up there take the ultimate swim?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

Goodbye Natalie's picture

The ability to make money in the world of "make believe" may put a microphone in your hand but it does not make you an expert on anything, but "make believe" which is a far distance from reality. If you want people to pay your out of touch incomes maybe you should make "GOOD" movies and not harmful political statements. To bad you don't get paid what your worth.....that would maybe make you appreciate the freedom others provide for you. Your plastic world only exists for a very few and the rest of us must make the big picture work, often without any help from those with little over simplfied ideas and over sized microphones, if posible THINK ABOUT IT.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by dav

dav's picture

Yo Goodbye Natalie,Yeah, having been born and raised in Houston, I know a thing or two about fundamentalism. Its moralistic and judgmentally literal interpretation of a text that has been altered and translated to the nth degree strikes me as illogical, but I guess everyone has to have something to make them feel secure.Anyway, the idea that a lot of you have that Hollywood is dying due to a moral backlash from the heartland is just wishful thinking. Box office receipts are down because people don't HAVE to go to the theaters any more to see current films. DVD turnaround gets faster all the time, you can download from the internet, cable offers on-demand and pay-per-view movies. With more entertainment options, fewer people go to the theaters, preferring to stay home and watch on hi-tech systems. Ultimately, America consumes the same product, regardless of the delivery system...and that product comes from Hollywood. "Crash" is a great example--only $50 mil at the box office, but way more than that on rentals, even before it won Best Picture. You may wish that Brokeback Mountain (which sure does get the Right's panties in a twist) was a failure because it made "only" $90 mil at the box office, but it cost only $14 mil to make and is just now being released on DVD. Bottom line, if you watch American TV or movies, (unless it's TBN, local access or Animal Planet) then you're watching a Hollywood creation.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

houtolax's picture

Why is it, Oliver, that the lies from the left are considered "free speech" while the TRUTH from the right is considered "hate speech"? Your vitrolic statements against any opinion differing from your own is un-American and sickening.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bronxmom

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Stone: Yes, celebrities have the right to spout their political opinions just like anyone else. You can drag your little soap box in front of your home and spout to your heart's content. I'll fight to maintain your right to do that. BUT when entertainers spout at a public forum for which they are paid to otherwise perform, or at an appearance which is available due to their celebrity status, I object. Your political views are no more valid than mine. You have the spotlight only because you can pretend to be someone else better than I can (acting) or direct a production. That talent is far from the kind of talent it takes to analize the world or U.S. political situation. You're a spoiled kid having a tantrum, just like many in Tinseltown.

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Free speech is messy Oliver. You have every right to speak your opinion, as do those who disagree wih it. I dont understand your use of the term slander however since the reality of these opining Hollywood celebrities is typically pretty spotty. These are not doctoral students we're talking about here but people with nice faces and bodies who are particularly good at pretending. Along the way they compile impressive resumes of self indulgent bad behavior which for the average American would cast serious doubt on the worthiness of their opinions. By virtue of your physical and creative gifts however you reach a wide audience in the arena of ideas, and sorry but some of us simply arent buying. Given this kind of stage, I would certainly think long and hard about what I uttered in public regarding subjects like politics and national security. Many stars have destroyed their own carefully crafted celebrity by these oftentimes controversial or imbecilic pronouncements.The "beautiful people" are by and large, undereducated and self absorbed persons whose self worth revolves around their Q factor. When one opens their mouth politically you can bet they are alienating half the country whether they be conservative or liberal. I would think for self preservation and long term career considerations, the Hollywood crowd would keep the more controversial beliefs to themselves. Everyone knows for example that all the Hollywood conservatives have to be closeted not for fear of the public but from their own industry who reacts to conservative free speech in a much different way than how they want America to react to theirs.

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These actors, directors, and producers need to keep in mind that their views can adversely affect the numbers at the box office. Whether they like it or not, they're ACTORS, and I enjoy watching them act. They're not political experts. And they are completely out-of-touch with the average $30,000 salaried American family.

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Sure he has a right to say what he thinks. But everyone else has the same right pal - the right to say Oliver is full of it if they think that. Hollywood types already have a better plaform than most of us to speak out - they control the media. But that's not enough for them - they want the right to speak out and NOT HAVE TO HEAR ANY CRITICISM. Sorry Oliver - speak out if you want, but so will the rest of us...

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When someone speaks out on an issue of importance, even a celebrity, we should consider the meaning of what is said, rather than attacking the messenger because we don't agree with their views.It's easy (and fun) to ridicule Hollywood celebs. In fact, I think "Team America" was the funniest movie of the past several years. However, this doesn't really do us any good.For example, if anyone were to investigate the claims made by Charlie Sheen, they would find that his views are shared by credible people like Steven E. Jones (physics professor at BYU), Ray McGovern (former CIA Analyst during the Reagan and Bush 41 regimes),Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant of the Treasury in the Reagan administration), Morgan Reynolds (former chief economist for the US Department of Labor under George W. Bush), Andreas Von Buelow, (former German Defense Minister), and Dr. Robert M. Bowman (former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter).By the way, I find Barbara Streisand reprehensible, too. Some of these celebs need a punch in the mouth.

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Stone is right to a point. He is a citizen and he has the right to speak, just like you and me. What he and most celebrities don't understand is that his status as a celebrity does not entitle them to an audience (via the media) any more so than when you or I speak.The sword cuts both ways. You can use the media to spread your point of view, but you have to take the hits if the media aims criticism at you.

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Oliver, please! Many of us are Viet-Nam veterans. So what? You think that gives you some special insight? Sorry . . . the body of work you have put together belies that. When you intentionally mischaracterized and falsified the circumstances surrounding Kennedy's assassination, you made it very clear that neither truth nor insight were on your agenda. You are a propagandist. And you are free to be in this country, but don't think that we won't expose you every single time you decide to go "moonbat." We will.Your attack on the media and on journalists for, from time to time pointing out what actors and actresses say, or the views they hold, proves my point. They want to get into the arena, but without critical review? Ha ha ha! This is America. Many of them are nuts! Charlie Sheen is a perfect recent example. And Barbra has made a career of it, all spelling errors and vitrol. Grow up, temper boy!

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It is amazing that anyone would question the fact that entertainers are ridiculed for their stupid statements. When Fonda, Striesand and others come up with these moonbat remarks and the rest of the Hollywood lapdogs just keep laying by the fireplace looking for treats! Come on, it is just too easy to blow them away. It is like the Left Wing media. When Danny Rather screwed himself into the dirt the other midnight specials failed to note the guy was crackers. Same in movie land....

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Reltna08

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Liberals should make good films. They live in a fantasy land............

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Reltna08

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Oliver Stone proves again that, for some reason, he thinks "Hollywood types" get to say whatever they want and that (God forbid) nobody should be critical of their comments. Considering that actors and actresses, as a group, seem to be undereducated and insecure, I'm not surprised that they would easily feel threatened by anyone who might disagree with them or dismiss their comments as uninformed. Does anyone not know what to expect every time one of these people decides to grace us with their political observations? Perhaps we would be more open to their opinions if they weren't so uniformly leftist. I think the General Public understands what "Hollywood types" don't - that they are a faddish group and the anti-U.S. rhetoric is just a sign of air-headed group-think.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by markopoliss

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God, I just wish these Hollywood idiots would shutup and go away. I really don't care if I never see another movie again. I can honestly say that I can't even remember the last Oliver Stone movie I saw.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by CoffeeGirl

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I pay my Dentist to clean my teeth, my Doctor to treat my illnesses , my plumber to fix my pipes , my hairdresser to cut my hair and entertainers to entertain me. I am not interested in their political opinions - that is not what I am paying them for. When an entertainer spouts personal opinion I change the channel just as I would walk out of my physician or dentists office if (S)he began editorializing during my exam .

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by DebbieWV

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i have no problem with 'actors' expressing their opinions. that concept, freedom of speech, is one of many that separates the united states from the rest of the world. what i do have a problem with is that the 'actors' act like their opinions are treated like everyone elses. if tim robbins, oliver stone, etc wish to speak they can get dozens of newspapers, radio stations, or tv cameras to a press conference. if i or you were to express an opinion we would be ignored, except in a forum such as this. there opinions are no better or worse than yours or mine. it is the coverage that differs.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by rgilbert

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If you have ever watched any of Stone's movies you can see he has a history of Acid. He should have done these drugs when he was younger. Now they affect his movies and his thinking. Late bloomer.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by biggreg64

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So let me get this straight. Oliver Stone is sticking up for a bunch of millionaires who got that way by having the good fortune of being pretty and who are good at playing pretend. You would think that they would have some self-awareness of the bunnyhole they have fallen into and happily cash their twenty million dollar paychecks and shut up. Most of them did not graduate from college much less hold advanced degrees, nor have I heard of them being sought out by political think tanks of any stripe. These people read the same blogs the same news articles as anyone else does and then think that their status as an actor should automatically give them a political bully pulpit. Get over yourselves.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by ramayama

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Hey Houty-I don't remember saying the creative types "sicken" me, just that they'd never get anything done without the suits. Let's face it here "creative types" is really stretching it for this bunch don't you think? The only movies I saw this year that were at all creative were Crash and Memoirs of a Geisha. The rest we're all recycled, remakes, or just plain stupid. I've waited to see Brokeback until the DVD so I reserve judgment on that one. I'm not holding my breath tho, from what I've heard it manages to contain groundbreaking love scenes between gay cowboys and still be incredibly boring. Quite a trick.The French are right, our movies suck and our stars are insufferable.I have no doubt that Drudge is personally a righty, but that doesn't make his site worthless. As you yourself have discovered, because you obvioulsy visit it. If you want to find out what's going on, from the weird to the mainstream, Drudge has it.And PS the fact that Laura Bush slams Hillary's decorating in an interview says more and worse about her than Hillary. It's the first dumb thing I've heard Laura say. Drudge covers Hill because she's the Democrats front runner. Unlike MSM outlets he doesn't just blow her kisses tho.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Trigger_Fish

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The constitution grants freedom from censorship from the government. The idea that the speech of one group, in this case hedonistic, self important, poorly educated actors, should be exempted from public (non-governmental) comment and review is the work of an immature mind. The massive wealth and attention (with very little real work to earn it, eg 7 years of college to become a doctor) given to the movie community shields them from the mundane trials of life that build true character. If anything, news outlets should treat the opinions of Hollywood elite with suspicion and provide opposing viewpoints, or simply ignore these rants as they would with other zealots.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Mike Dunn

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I am trying to understand why Mr. Stone thinks the 'media slanders politically-minded stars.' From what I see the media just reports the goofy things these Hollywood elites say. Hollywood stars are, for the most part, liberals, and unapologetically. They're free to say what they want and I am, as a consumer of entertainment, free not purchase the work of liberal kooks. Come on Mr. Stone, you're a big boy, so stop whining. Go see where the Hollywood liberals political money goes: http://www.newsmeat.com/celebrity_political_donations/.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by pilotatpcfi

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Dear Ollie: May I call you 'Ollie' after one of my favorite movie buffoons - you have so much in common except you 'do' drugs and are 'paranoid schizophrenic' and quite delusional AND NOT THE LEAST BIT FUNNY or are you?! Let's see your film 'J.F.K.' was a treatise on your version of the Kennedy assassination in which Richard Nixon was the bad guy - right? Your other film - 'BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY' indicted the American culture because of your psychic sufferings in Vietnam a la John 'the fraud' Kerry! Were you wounded like John 'the fraud'? In other films you have portrayed what happens in everyday cities, towns, disfunctional relationships due to the ethos of the DEMOCRAT/SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST LEFY WING ASSHOLES of this nation who wish no root for this country's downfall! YOUR 'SO-CALLED' TRUTH IS MIRED IN YOUR OWN DISTORTED AND PERVERTED ANGST AGAINST YOUR FAMILY'S WEALTH AND YOUR INABILITY TO FACE LIFE WITHOUT DRUGS OR THE EMOTIONAL SUPPORT FROM CIMMUNIST DROIDS! If you 'like' communism to that extent - go to Cuba - you could be the big 'kahuna' there and do a great 'documentary' on 'CHE'! Your movies are by-and-large propaganda for your out-of-focus out-of-perspective view of the world! Thanks for 'doing' NATURAL BORN KILLERS though - the true story of today's DEMOCRATS/SOCIALISTS/COMMUNISTS in the present U.S. government!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by zyskandar

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Houtolax,You really are fixated on Drudge. In your comments you act as though Drudge is the author of the Drudge articles...he's not. You mean to tell me you so slow that you havent realized that it is your left wing media that Drudge reposts on his site. Your so hate filled for the right you automatically blame them for articles written by left news organizations..assuming that because they are on Drudge they were written by conservatives. NEWS FLASH: They arent more than 95% of the articles come from the left elite media...which is why Drudge is so good...he puts out the crap that the left reports on daily...he even has your head spinning thinking that garbage is written by conservatives...what an idiot...next time try reading who wrote each story... Drudge just provides the links to these idiotic comments...what a moron.Oh and one more thing...you obviously are obsessed with Drudge, as it was YOU who noticed that this site only gets comments when Drudge posts something from it. Two points there...YOU read DRUDGE a lot; and were too dim to notice that Drudge posts mostley liberal writings...the very writings that have gotten you so angry. Liberals are so stoooopid.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by maxvolt

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Oliver Stone still represents the old anti-war,pro-communist groups out there in Hollywood and there are tons of them. The mainstream media had a stranglehold on America's information for over 40 years and now these Hollywood know-nothings are livid that we,the peon people, are allowed to express our own thoughts and ideas,via sites like this one. Of course, average America is bored with the clattertrap garbage coming from Hollywood. But ,like Stone, these ignorant actors would rather trash their own audiences then make some really good movies. Goes to show how rich these narrowminded ,pompous and egotistical blowhearts are that they can destroy their own jobs. Not something the rest of us have the luxury of doing but we can and obviously are finally turning our backs on their un-educated propaganda.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by bronxmom

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Oliver Stone is a very talented movie director. I can honestly say that most people I've ever talked to about him don't care what he thinks about politics. Yes, there are Hollywood star, directors, etc. that have passion and intelligence about things other than movies. The point is the rest of us really don't care. An overly simplistic analogy is somebody who serves us burgers from a fast food chain that also happens to be very passionate and intelligent on politics. Simply put, that's great, but give us our hamburger, we really don't care about your views. Until the hollywood 'stars' understand this, they won't be able to understand the apathy and skepticism that the public has on their views.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by mmatthe9

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Oliver...dude...your out of your mind. You took a historical event like the assasination of a Democrat president and made it this far out twisted plot. You then took statements made by a up and coming political candidate in which he falsely claimed to have raped, maimed and tortured vietnamese children and women and turned every friggin vietnam movie you made into the injustice the american scum do. And in a month where your hollywood buddies claim 9-11 was just another George Bush plot to get at Saddams oil, when , in fact, there is nobody in the world who could stop us from taking his oil for the PAST THREE YEARS...and we havent. You are literally the poster child for paranoid dillusionalism. Too bad, your unable to channel your energies toward anything remotely rationale. Gimme a break...you are a complete looney tnues anti-Government , conspiracy nut, anarchist WACKO. Time to up your meds dude. You , Charlie Sheen, his dad Marty, and George Clooney, and the famous anti-American fat pig Michael Moore should all go rent a room together and hold a vigil for the "black " helicopters to come and kidnap you for some cruel alien experiments they are doing out at AREA 51...Freak.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by maxvolt

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houtolax,You wouldn't know what a fundamentalist was. Kind of the like the Hollybomb ilk, you hear a word and run with it not having a clue to what it means. I think that funny that a lib Hollybomb type would lecture about something they nothing about.By the way: whether Drudge conservative or not, one thing is certain. He's successful and growing by the day. That's more than Hollybomb can claim recently. I would dare say his influence now greater than amoral Hollybomb.If you'll take a look at the successful movies of recent years as measured by revenue, the only fair way to measure, you'll note a common thread: all are PG or as close to Hollybomb gets to understanding morality.So you keep giving us those L.A. metropolitan winners like Brokeback Mounting, reading your People magazine, and watch the E! channel. It will help make you and your Hollywood buddies more irrelevant by the day.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

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(Mel Gibson is only the exception that proves the rule.)DUH! Exceptions DISprove rules, which I think is what you were trying to say. In any case, I don't see how Oliver Stone's right to free speech has been impeded. What he may really be aggravated at is that the everyday man now has access to speak with an equally large megaphone that disagrees with him. Maybe he's angry that people with opposing viewpoints now are exercising the same free speech he's enjoyed. Hmmmm.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by mistercalm

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Oliver and the rest of you Hollywood liberals,Sit down and shut up! The rest of us do NOT care what you have to say! By the way, there are no good movies anymore and have not been for years; AND, the boxoffice receipts confirm that.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by LimaSierra

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Most of these comments are better than sex. I'm glad to see that I'm out of touch just like the rest of America (except Hollybore). I knew I wasn't alone. By the way, I've been able to avoid all Stone pictures, Striesand music, Mike Douglas films etc.. I boycott these intellectuals because they're just way over my head, duh. Perhaps I should have dropped out of school and went into acting. I'm just too dumb to understand so I want to say "thanks Mr. Oliver for thinking for the majority".

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by MiddleAmerica

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I don't get it. He's allowed to have his first amendment rights but other people aren't? That's fascism if I ever heard it. The problem with the Hollywood types is that most normal Americans don't have this privileged perch upon which to make their comments so we must all act collectively (ie re-elect Bush). So once again, Mr. Stone, if you don't like others right to free speech, you get none yourself

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Darkzak

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May 28, 2005- Oliver Stone arrested for drunk driving and possession of illegal drugs. http://www.cnn.com/2005/SHOWBIZ/Movies/05/28/stone.arrest/We knew Oliver was a lying lefty millionaire. Now we know he's on crack, the medication of choice of the Hollywood Left who lecture the rest of us on being socially conscious and responsible. Sweet dreams Oliver, your drug habit funds the murder of law-abiding Columbians who are assasinated by drug lords. Maybe Clinton could auction a pardon for you.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Hollywood Non L...

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Mr. Stone:Take heart, We really need to modify the first amendment. All speech is NOT equal or worthprotecting. The Right Wing-Nuts do NOT have the right to mock our spokespeople. That is clearly a violation of our rights to unimpeded access to a sympathetic media. We stand behind you and all of your colleagues speaking Truth to Power!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Z-Man

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Sort of like the slander you did on all us Vietnam vets huh??

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Baldie

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Rue McClanahan had a cow and huffed "we deserve better than a president who received "C"s in college" when she learned that President Bush received some "C" grades at Yale. HOWEVER, when it was reported that Al Gore and John Kerry BOTH GOT LOWER GRADES than Bush, she DIDN'T SAY A WORD AGAINST THEM!!!!!That makes her a two-faced hypocrite.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by scarlettroyal

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Oliver, poor fellow, you fail to grasp the difference between your right to express opinions (wacko or not) and, on the other hand, your evident desire to also have a "right" to respect for your opinions (be they wacko or not). Excercising your right to free speech carries with it your responsibility and ownership for the wisdom (and the wackiness) of what you utter. The right to free speech does not include a right to have no one criticize and vigorously challenge your opinions or "expertise" that you claim in an effort to bolster your opinions -- wacky or otherwise.Moreover, the right to express opinions afforded by the United States Constitution is not limited to the opinions of Oliver Stone. Hate to break the news to anyone who hates all war, but it was a war (yes, my gosh, a real war where people were killed) fought for America's independence that secured freedoms for you, Oliver, and for all people subject to the United States Constitution.Those freedoms were won at great cost for the benefit of even your harshest critics, Oliver.You nevertheless cling to some notion of a "right" to be free of criticism, even though that "right" exists only in your imagination -- and in the imaginations of many of your Hollywood peers. If you're going to spout opinions far and wide, you should be prepared to find that not everyone agrees with your views, and to accept that everyone has the right to speak out endlessly to criticize your views as lacking merit or value in the marketplace of ideas, to include taking swings at self-professed qualifications that you urge an effort to support your views.As an ardent supporter of free speech, don't you find it a tad bit hypocritical for you to whine so much about criticisms that challenge your opinions and your self-annointed "expert" status? Maybe the price of being a sensitive artist is an overwhelming urge to condemn others who exercise free speech rights expressing views of your opinions (wacko or not).Get a grip.Common Sense

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Common Sense

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To Oliver Stone..You have every right to speak your opinion, but you have no right to be judged in a positive light. Your comment stands alone and if the media chooses to brand you a Hollywood Whacko, so be it. What do you want? The right to offer an opinion and NOT be criticized? Who gave you that right? I can give my opinion here and know that probably no one will read it. Why are you different? Because you are a Hollywood producer and have money? Get serious.George

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by George1120

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Oliver, as does any other Hollywood celebrities have just as much right to voice their opinion to the media as does any other citizen in America...many of them worked regular jobs just like the rest of us before becoming rich.Celebrities have donated their time, money and energy to more charity events than I can count. I've witnessed them risk their careers, their pocketbooks and use their voices to alert the public on many important issues politicians would rather the general public not know about. It's how they sneak legislation into law that is NOT in the average working guys best interests. Celebrities know many politicians up close and personal and hear things the average American would never be privy too. We live in a world of many frauders - and a great deal of them are the people that are supposed to be representing America's best interest - our representatives. The media (the press) gets paid to slam celebrites... the politicians use them when they need face time in the press...and to raise money for their campaigns...if you think about it - why would an "A" list actor who makes millions for their work bother saying anything unless what they heard they thought the rest of us should know - they have nothing to gain by telling us (unless your Arnold and running for office....Do the math - Politicians spend millions of dollars to get elected into jobs that only pays a fraction of that back. These are the people that get payoffs from lobbyists working for corporate interests. And that ticks me off!

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by NikkiMorgan

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Please, Trigger Fish, read the post b4 u respond. I said the MOVIES are MADE by the liberals in Hollywood. Of course the studios, like nearly ALL of corporate America, are run by the Wall Street types. (The independent film companies, now responsible for most of the serious, non-blockbuster films, are a different story, however.)Now, you may hate their personal points of view and even the films they make, but the fact is that the vast majority of high-grossing and award-winning films in the recent history of Hollywood have been made by liberals: from Speilberg to Lucas to Stone to Ang Lee, Paul Haggis, et al. And most of the actors are even farther to the left. (Mel Gibson is only the exception that proves the rule.) So if this all sickens you so much, do your best to help get competing films made in Tupelo and Sandusky and other heartland hotbeds of cinematic talent. You could call your new red-state entertainment capital "Hollynormal" and produce the kind of morally upright yet thrilling art that one might expect from locales with the diversity and dynamism of Kansas or Utah.And if you think Drudge really gives "fair and balanced" news reporting, well, then I guess you think FoxNews does the same. The links at the bottom of his home page are somewhat helpful when looking for reasoned analysis by commentators all along the political spectrum. But the site itself reflects its namesake: thinly veiled conservative with a mean streak. How else would you explain Drudge's bizarre obsession--acted out nearly every day--with Hillary Clinton? He goes so far as to headline yesterday that Hillary had bad taste in interior design. WTF? Who cares and why does it matter?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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Ahem, houty -Movie Studios are run by Wall Street types. That's the reason movies get made. If it was up to the "creative types" lots of half scripts would be written and maybe an "indie" or two shot - or half shot - but nothing would ever be finished.Most "creative types" would just wander around like Moon Pies spouting pre-adolescent political ideas like good ole Oliver has done again here.Oliver, people make fun of you because what you say calls for a chuckle, simple as that.And while you're handing out insults to people who linked here from Drudge houty while simultaneously telling them to look at the whole site, maybe you should try the same yourself at Drudge. If you did you'd find that it's just a link page for news and opinion from all over the spectrum. That includes the right, which makes for a nice change. That's why it's the #1 news site in the world - duh.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Trigger_Fish

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They are actors, trained to say what others tell them to say. They get well paid to pretend to believe in what they are saying. Just because someone is famous doesn't mean the know anything.One thing I do know, people who rent movies will not rent titles that have stars(?) that are outspoken against their beliefs and values. As a businessman, I have to reduce the number of copies of films with Whoopie, Penn, etc. It is one thing to be for something like Farm Aid, or AIDS prevention and so on. It is another to be a political hack. They should run for office instead of running off at the mouth. Stand for something instead of only against. Not likely.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by captian video

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Oliver, people say you're wacky because you say and do wacky things. Ever watched your movie "JFK"?

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by no1dad

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We really need to modify the first amendment. All speech is NOT equal or worth protecting. The Right Wing-Nuts do NOT have the right to mock our spokespeople. That is clearly a violation of their rights to unimpeded access to a sympathetic media.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Z-Man

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Anyone ever notice that contactmusic.com gets almost NO comments on any of its stories unless Drudge posts a link to said story? And then, like magic, there are dozens of responses--mostly from ultraconservatives--but only on that particular thread.First of all, this is a pretty good website, so you Drudge-heads might wanna take a look at some of the rest of it.Second, yeah, we have lots of liberals here in Hollywood. Get over it. They're the "artistic" and "creative" types. In much the same way, Wall Street and most big corporations are run by conservatives--the "analytical" and "organizational" types. If the comparison confuses you, just imagine movies being produced and directed by buttoned-down Wall Street execs, and all our biggest financial decisions being made by carefree Hollywood artists. Both film and investments would immediately suck.Finally, some of you need to lighten up (saying "Christ!" is taking the Lord's name in vain in only the most literal and fundamentalist way. And, by the way, to Contestant No. 1, it's Sean Penn, NOT Tom Cruise, who sticks pins in an Ann Coulter doll. Tom Cruise, you should know, is a deeply "religious" man whose opinions unfortunately mirror some of the sanctimonious and narrow-minded religious bigotry seen on this board.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by houtolax

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Hollywood is a leftist community Mr. Stone and you’re a part of it. Being appalled by someone else’s opposing opinion exposes your own arrogance. You have your right to speak as anyone does but, you don’t have a right to demand to be heard. People that don’t agree with you or any of your actors opinion on politics can express their displeasure anyway they see fit to do so. Perhaps other people choose to base their opinion on facts rather than on someone in Hollywood making up false realities and re-writing HISTORY. Our media supports your leftist ideology to the extent that they have become the official media wing of the democrat party. And, you feel some groups don’t give you enough support. Yeah, right. Whatever.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by flyover_country

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Ever notice libs like Cesare either have to use vulgar language or use the Creator's name in vain to express a thought? Kind of like an Oliver Stone film. If there's ever been an example of group think, Cesare and the Hollybomb crowd are it.Hollybomb is upset that they're finally being taken to task for their lack of education, lack of talent, lack of creativity, and general lack of interest from the American public.Fifty years ago, we had Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, John Wayne. Now we have Sean Penn, Oliver Stone, and Cesare. Anti-American hating cowards who haven't a clue.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by Goodbye Natalie

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Mr. Stone,I am a 65 year old female. I also have lived a very fruitful and caring life. My dear Sir what makes you think what you have to say is important to me and the rest of America. One day the end will come as it will with each and everyone of us. Why not spend your time getting in touch with who you really are: a Son, possibly a Brother, nephew, grandchid, husband, Father, friend, etc. Your Oliver Stone- big shot- Oh PLEASE that's bulls**t you are Oliver who took out the garbage, went to school, maybe misbehaved a bit or a lot, sensible or weird whatever. Get real-stop pushing your weight around!! Hollywood-what part of true life do you know of????????????????? Oliver - try being a little humble it might be of importance when the end comes. Oliver may God be with ya.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by livid

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Another insightful observation from another lefty upset he is being exposed for the liberal he is, and probably because his “career” has been in a nosedive. It's alright for Stone and other Hollywood left-field types - who take themselves too seriously - to castigate Bush or other leaders. But when THEY are criticized and challenged by REAL ideas that expose their silly thinking for what it is, all they do is name-call. You would think mature people would have grown out of that teenage behavior three or four decades ago.Maybe Stone is just trying to get his name out in the press because he has a new movie about to be released? This seems to be the new way to hype new movies of late. Sharon Stone tried it with Basic Instinct 2. But it didn’t work. (can you say miserable failure) Maybe Oliver and Sharon aren’t a lot smarter than the rest of us after all, like they think.Perhaps Oliver could respond to some of the criticisms from the right? Intellectually and reasonably. I think not. He doesn’t appear to have what it takes.They don’t call it left-field for nothing Oliver.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by gorgmllr

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First of all, the only reason why you get any airtime at all is because you say such wacko stuff.Second, you don't identify with the mainstream. You say off the wall, incediary comments that are designed to draw attention. You cannot honestly say that Streisand or McGraw is the way the country feels. You can't honestly say that Tom Cruise poking pins in his Anne Coulter doll is real life. You ARE leftists, and you are wackos. Maybe not every single one, but MOST of Hollywood actor elites don't talk the way normal people talk about the prez. They don't think the way normal people talk. And they are identified with the lefties because this is the type of stuff we hear from wackos that say their lefties like Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durban, etc etc. So while YOU may not be a leftist and YOU may not be a wacko, you act, sound, and look just like them. And, therefore, you are a leftist wacko until you stop regurgitating the left's party line.

Posted 11 years 7 months ago by joesand

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