The debut movies made by Hollywood directors Oliver Stone and BRIAN DE PALMA were rejected by unimpressed judges at the EDINBURGH FILM FESTIVAL in 1972 - accordingly to old documents discovered last week (ends28JAN05).

Bosses of the annual Scottish movie exhibition found the directors' handwritten competition entry forms in a cupboard in which some of the most critically acclaimed names in the film industry were written off as talentless wannabes.

OSCAR-winner Stone - director of blockbusters including PLATOON and NATURAL BORN KILLERS - was just 26 years old when he unsuccessfully pleaded for his work to be shown.

Scarface movie-maker De Palma also had his film HI, MOM! - a post-Vietnam movie starring a young ROBERT DE NIRO - axed from the festival schedule.

And FOREST GUMP director Robert Zemeckis' eight-minute film THE LIFT was also canned.

GINNIE ATKINSON, director of the Edinburgh Film Festival, says, "It was awesome to find these things and to think of these young film-makers sending off their entries in the hope of having their works screen at the Film Festival.

"It's incredible. There signatures are there on the forms too - beautifully-typed and neatly handwritten."

30/01/2005 21:29