Director Oliver Stone's worst nightmare has been realised - his epic movie Alexander has flopped on its opening weekend (26-28NOV04) on release in America.

The film, reported to have cost over $150 million (GBP83 million) to make, took just $13.5 million (GBP7.5 million) over three days in US cinemas - entering the box office chart at a disappointing number six.

Due to the Thanksgiving (25NOV04) holiday, the film opened on Wednesday (24NOV04), bringing its total takings to $21.6 million (GBP12 million).

Alexander has received widespread criticism for portraying Macedonian hero ALEXANDER THE GREAT, played by Colin Farrell, as a bisexual warrior in the movie.

Top of the box office for a second week was action movie NATIONAL TREASURE.

The family adventure, starring Nicolas Cage, took $33.1 million (GBP18.3 million), beating out animated comedy The Incredibles, which earned $24.1 million (GBP13.4 million) in its fourth week on release.

29/11/2004 09:21