Film-makers working on Oliver Stone's upcoming 9/11 movie WORLD TRADE CENTER have slammed claims they are cashing in on the 2001 terrorist attacks, insisting the movie is about heroism. World Trade Center, which stars Nicolas Cage, tells the story the last two people found alive in the rubble of the collapsed twin towers, and their rescuer. Some relatives of people who died have spoken out against Stone's film, because they do not want to relive their initial pain following the attacks. But producer Moritz Borman says, "I know there is one widow out there who didn't want it to be made because she felt it was too painful to see her husband die. But I am convinced that when she sees it she will be resolved. "We never went out to explore the whole story of 9/11 and its impact on America and the rest of the world. "Nobody went into this film and thought this was the explanation for why 9/11 happened or its geopolitical impact. It's a tale of heroism."